What you need to know for Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

With the time, a hardwood floor can lose its shine and original appearance. However, it can be retrieved back by going through a refinishing process. Hardwood floor refinishing has the maximum limit up to 10-12 times. A certain standard of procedure must be followed to achieve the desired results.

Hardwood Floor Finishing Procedure

The procedure of hardwood floor finishing proceeds through a lot of dust and noise. Hence, you must wear the proper equipment to keep your body safe and sound. Make it sure that your doors are seal with sheets and HVAC system is not working so that dust does not pass away anywhere else.
There are typically two stages involved in the refinishing process. We will look at them one by one.

1. Buffing

In this procedure, only scratches and erosions are removed from the upper surface of the floor. It should be in the notice that it does not repair anything inside the floor structure. to complete the job, you require a floor buffing tool which you can easily take from the market.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

In the first step, take out the dust present on the floor. After that apply the hardwood floor refinishing product that you are using through buffing tool. Ensure that no oil or soap finish is present on the surface to avoid any mishap finish.

2. Sanding and Refinishing

You can get the old elegant look back from a damaged floor through sanding. Homeowners can choose the right hardwood flooring before remodeling it completely. For sanding, you need to rent a drum sander and a progression of grits up to 100. Take out the baseboards first. Make it sure that sander is in constant motion to avoid any gouging. When you have reached down to the wood through sanding, fill all the cracks completely and let it dry.

Hire a Professional

Although, it is a job that you can complete by yourself. However, you can also hire a seasoned and professional contractors for smooth and desirable hardwood floor refinishing.

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