What is Storm Door & Why Should you Install It In Your Home?

storm door

The storm door is normally installed in the front of the home entry door to avoid any harmful effects of bad weather on it. Normally, it comprises a glass surface to have a view of the outside area with the avoidance of dust and insects inside. Apart from this, it has many other features too.

Features of a Storm Door

The structure is made up of aluminum, steel or wood and has a glass panel window screens. It has three categories; full view storm doors, ventilating storm doors and roll screen. The costs of the storm door depend upon the material used for its manufacturing. For example, wooden storm doors are generally expensive in the market than other types. The installation of the storm door is a sensitive process and must be carried out by the seasoned contractors in the field.

storm door

The number of reasons to have the storm door in your home is as below:

  • Security and Safety

It provides homeowners a secure experience both from attackers and environmental elements. It has modern technology lock system installed on its surface which together with the exterior door improves the safety of the home.

  • Energy Insulation  

It gives a superb energy insulation experience both in winter and summer. In winter, it allows the sunlight in without any cool breeze. Correspondingly, the ventilation of the home revamps in the summer with the passage of air through its window screen panels. Eventually, it leads to lower energy bills and saves money for homeowners.

storm door

  • Appearance

The storm door creates a fresher and attractive appeal for the visitors from the entry area. Since it is available in a variety of designs and style, it adds to the beauty quotient of the outdoor area quite significantly. Moreover, the inside environment also presents a warmer feel due to the sunlight passing through it.

  • Protection to the Exterior Door

The main advantage and purpose of installing the storm doors in your home are to have a safeguard for the front or exterior door of your home. The exterior door durability increases with the installation of the storm door at the center of it.

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