What is difference between Hardwood & Softwood Floor?

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The classification of the wood into hardwood and softwood depends upon its physical structure and size. However, with an obvious difference of strength between the two materials, there is still a lot more to compare. Therefore, check what are the basic differences these two materials provide to you after their installation in your home.

Durability Comparison

Many of the homeowners have the misconception that hardwood floors are dense and durable than the softwood. However, in reality, it is not the case in every material. The durable quality depends upon the quality of wood regardless of whether it is classified as hardwood or softwood. Similarly, the flexible nature of the softwood has no impact upon the density attribute.

Origin of Product

The hardwood comes from the trees that are termed to be angiosperm which includes maple or walnut. In contrast, softwood derives from gymnosperm that comprises like pine or spruce. Softwoods are much more commonly utilized and are part of almost 80% timber products of the world.

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Cost Factor

Since hardwood is generally found to be the durable and strong material of the two, it has high rates in the market. Therefore, you should choose the installation option with by taking a guide from the local floor contractors. Commonly, softwood is preferred over the room where foot traffic is life such as a bedroom. Hardwood floor is the top choice in the place like a kitchen and living area.

Resistance Quotient

The most resistant type of wooden products is hardwood as softwood is much more prone to the scratches and dings overall. Correspondingly, in case of the fire, hardwood also has an upper hand over the softwood as better fire resistant in nature. However, in color, softwood appears in yellowish which is liked more by homeowners in general than the brown appearance of hardwood.

Finishing Touch

It is an utmost requirement to provide finishing touch in the softwood materials. The staining of the softwood adds to the durability of the product. However, hardwood comes in the market with prefinished stuff. The unfinished nature of softwood provides you the opportunity to customize it according to your desire.

For the choice of the wood type, take suggestions from the local floor contractors so that you can make a perfect decision for your home.


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