What Are The Bathroom Floor Tiles Options?

bathroom floor tiles

What Are The Best Bathroom Floor Tiles Options?

There are lots of options available for the bathroom flooring, which confuse homeowners to choose the best one. People have to look for multiple features in their bathroom that provide the required elegant look and appearance. Here, we will list and discuss the best possible option related to bathroom floor tiles.

Porcelain or Ceramic Tile

It is generally described as the tile which offers water-proof, stylish and cost-effective experience to the homeowners. Porcelain or ceramic tile have variety in large number when it comes to color, design or shape. Since the bathroom floor tiles require freshness more than other portions of the home, it becomes a popular choice due to its easy cleaning surface. However, its cold nature can become a problem in the winter.

bathroom floor tiles

Vinyl Tile  

For decades, the vinyl tile with its different types has become a popular option among homeowners for specific reasons. First of all, it’s surface does not allow any seam or other substance that makes it the best choice where large water usage is expected. It surpasses all other types when it comes to safety, comfort and long-lasting nature. Moreover, it’s installation can be performed by homeowners but in any case, you can find professional contractors online.

bathroom floor tiles

Natural Stone

Natural Stone is not a bad option until you have a low budget. It provides a durable and pleasing appeal to the bathroom. However, it has extreme issues with moisture among all of its types. Therefore they require continuous maintenance from the experts in the flooring field. The pricing of natural stone is more than other types but the different variety of options attract homeowners towards it.

bathroom floor tiles

Plastic Laminate Tile

Plastic laminate tile generally referred to as laminate flooring is a much better option than the hardwood in the bathroom. However, you need to have some precautions measures to avoid moisture have access to its structure. This moisture can expand the wood chip base resulting in cracks or stains.

bathroom floor tiles

Engineered Wood

The engineered wood bathroom floor tiles have been a great choice against the moisture. It is extremely stable and comprises a plywood base that protects its surface from moisture. The major benefit it provides to homeowners is that it provides a look of solid wood without any side-effects. Moreover, it is low in cost as compared to other bathroom flooring option and has easy maintenance.

bathroom floor tiles

Take all of your requirement into consideration and choose that bathroom floor tiles which satisfies your taste and overall styling of the home.

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