Types Of Ceilings That Give Your Home An Aesthetic Feel

Get your ceilings renovated by ceiling contractors

They say that the ceiling is the ‘fifth’ wall of a room. Just like you spend a lot of time setting up the walls, the ceiling requires the same amount of effort to complete the look of a room. Ceiling completes the visuals of a room as it is the last component after flooring and walls.

These are some types of ceilings that will enhance looks of your interior:

Suspended Ceilings

Suspended ceilings, also known as ‘drop’ ceilings are widely used in offices and industrial areas. These ceilings are composed of flat tiles available in multiple materials, shapes, and sizes. They provide a perfect cover for the cables and piping passing above them. Their insulating properties can withstand fire for a long time and can absorb humidity, protecting the ceiling from mildew. They also offer the character of acoustic damping, canceling noise in a room. You can find them easily in your area. However, it is recommended that you hire ceiling contractors as they can offer you the best deal to meet your requirements keeping the renovation under the budget.

Wallpapered Ceilings

Wallpapered ceilings are relatively easier and cost-effective to set up. Generally, wallpaper setups are made on conventional ceilings as the flatter surface can make the visuals of the wallpaper more prominent. Make sure that it matches your walls and flooring to complete the theme. Darker wallpapers may tend to eliminate the feeling of spaciousness and hence it is recommended that you use adequate lighting in the room. LED lights consume less power and can be used in a greater amount for your ceiling lights.

Shallow Ceilings

Shallow ceilings, more commonly known as ‘tray’ ceilings look amazing from a structural point of view. They start off with wide borders with a few more narrow inner borders, giving it a feel of a tray. The ceiling rises in its height, a few inches towards inner part which gives a pop-out feel. They make a smaller room look spacious and more artistic. They are most suitable for rooms like kitchens and dining rooms.

Coffered Ceilings

A Coffered ceiling gives a beautiful checkered pattern. Its structure has a pinched panel with a solid grid layout. A shallow ceiling can be easily converted into the coffered ceiling. This gives it an even more aesthetic feel especially if the wood is used as its material. Using molds, ornaments, and lightings on the grids can give your room an exotic look.

Hand-painted Ceilings

These ceilings are an extreme work of art. If you love painting and have got good hands on money, this is something worth going for. Corridors and living rooms with bigger ceilings are the best options to be hand painted. You can get the ceilings’ setup with a piece of a specific painting or choose a colorful floral art. Another thing to enhance the beauty of your home is to get hand-crafted wooden ceilings. The artistic wooden carvings give a striking vintage feel to the home.

Find Ceiling Remodeling Contractors

Choosing the right ceiling for your home is more of a subjective task. Giving an aesthetic feel is everyone’s desire. However, during remodeling, you should keep in mind to keep it under your budget and make sure it’s durable. A safer option is to consult best local contractors in your town to get your ceilings redone in an artistic and a reliable way.

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