Top Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency of the Home

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One of the top trends in home renovation industry is to make your home energy efficient for reducing the energy bills and creating a balanced environment in the home. Homeowners seem to be focusing upon the replacement and upgrading the windows, doors and heating system. However, roofing contractors have recommended you to consider the roof for this purpose as it shows incredible results according to their experience.

The roof of your home receives sun heat most, therefore, making it energy efficient will have an immense impact on the environment of your home. Take a look at following ideas that are most effective for making your roof energy efficient.

Move Your Garden to the Roof

Have you ever heard the concept of green roofing? It means to grow a garden over your roof which turns to be a great help in turning your roof energy efficient. Take the plants that are compatible with the climate of your area and turn your roof into a green field. It provides a great insulation service to your home by blocking heat from the sun in summer and in winter and helps in maintaining the warmer temperature inside. Green roofing also offers you a soundproof home to live in. However, you should first inspect the roof for finding any leakages through roofing contractors to before growing a garden over it.

 Cooling Roof Coating

One of the most popular idea to make your roof energy efficient is to apply a cooling coating over its surface. The impact of the sun heat over the dark color is observed to be much more. Therefore, the decision to apply the cool roofing paint is beneficial for you to reduce heat consumption from the sun. Apart from this, it offers waterproofing protection to homeowners that extends the life of the roof. The low damaging rate of the roof is also an important ability to provide you with an energy efficient home.

Insulate From Below

Insulation of the roof is a very common method to provide energy efficiency in your home. The biggest nightmare for your HVAC system would be the non-insulated roof. It will have a severe impact on the attic of your home and requires more usage of the HVAC system in the respective season to provide a comfortable temperature inside. The experts recommend you to choose high tech solutions such as home foam insulation for having the best results possible. However, the material you choose for the insulation depends on the climate of your area. Regardless, leaving the space between insulation work and surface of the roof should be done to make your room more energy efficient.

roofing contractors

Improve the ventilation

The poor ventilation system of your room or living area can waste all the efforts you have done in order to make your roof energy efficient. The attic of your home can get warm due to heat air which can only be exhausted through the proper and efficient ventilation system. Moreover, you can install exhaust fans with automation temperature available which will turn to blow the hot air out and will stop working when the desired temperature is attained in the room.

Re-roof Sustainably

probably, the best time for making roof sustainable is during the installation of a roof or when you are going for re-roofing the existed one. The right material installation for the roof will almost decrease 30 percent usage of the HVAC appliances. The tile or asphalt shingles are most popular among the roofing contractors for this purpose along with a cooling coating. The re-roofing will have initial costs but it will provide you with great assistance in the future by making your home energy efficient and also protective from dangerous elements of the weather.

Radiant Barriers in the Attic

The installation of the radiant barrier in the attic stops the electromagnetic transfer of heat. The material of the radiant barrier in the attic has a reflective nature such as aluminum. It improves the environment inside by reflecting back the ultraviolet radiations from the sun back into the atmosphere which is highly effective for making your room energy efficient. For better results, install the radiant barrier perpendicular to incoming heat from the sun.

The roof of the home is often ignored by the homeowners for its effective role in different dimensions in making it a peaceful and refreshing space to live in. Therefore, you must opt for the above-mentioned ideas if you are having issues in creating a comfortable living environment with less usage of HVAC appliances in your home.

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