Top Ways to Cut the Costs of your New Bathroom Remodel

bathroom remodel

Finding a good and cheap bathroom remodel contractor is quite hard for most of the homeowners today, isn’t it?

If you are a homeowner and planning to remodel your bathroom, you must understand what I am talking about. However, in case if you are ignoring the bathroom remodel just because of the budget concerns, then this might be a problem for next years when prices of the home will increase, and you find it hard to resale your house in profitable rates.

Well, if you have constructed a new house, or just planning to renovate your new bathroom, then its quite necessary to make things according to your budget and cut the irrelevant costs that can prove a disaster to your pocket.

Common ways people can save on their bathroom remodel:

  • Consult with the reliable bathroom remodeling contractors who can offer you more helps according to latest trends and ideas. Moreover, you can also able to save 40% costs on your bathroom remodel.
  • Try finding some cheap bathroom remodel components or items that are easily available in home improvement stores. These items include bathroom mirror, vanities, and other little accessories. You can mainly save more than 20% costs on these stores rather than getting things done from interior designers.
  • Also, try finding some sourced components online which can help you save more than 30% costs.
  • Try getting all the components or items from the same retailer to save maximum costs rather than using different stores who are charging different costs.
  • Negotiate the costs or choose a reliable contractor.

Grab a can of your favorite paint!

According to the most home renovation contractors, the least expensive tiles can simply eat up your budget and you cannot be able to do anything extra for your home. But the thing is, you don’t even need a floor-to-ceiling tile in order to put some dramatic impacts in the new bathroom. You can amazingly save a lot of amount by limiting tiles to your shower and floor. And paint the walls in your favorite color. If you want to add more warmth and texture, you can simply add a least expensive and easy-to-install faux beadboard. Other than that, you can simply choose some patterned tiles or wallpapers or color the floors and walls in your favorite color.

Updating parts of your bathroom on a budget:

If you are on a very tight budget, you might think to remodel only some of the parts of your bathroom rather than changing the whole things completely.

You can also consider cleaning and regrouting of the whole area, for instance, you can consider transforming your tired and old bathroom if it is damaged and in rough condition.

Now people also tend to buy some specialist pens to color over your old grout after cleaning it with the anti-mold spray. And for bigger tasks, you can try removing or replacing the grout completely.

Addition of useful lights not holes:

Addition of a skylight or a window for brightening up your dim bathroom is much popular but pricey solution, which can cut your budget.  But now, you don’t need to cut the big hole in your roof or even the sides of your home just to let the light in.

In order to deal with this issue, people prefer to use a sun tube, which is called the solar tube. This is a simple yet ingenious device which can be installed between the rafters of the attic. Now, these flexible tubes usually range from 10 inches to 20 inches and sometimes even more, and then they funnel some natural sunlight down to the bathroom from just a small opening hole in the roof. However, these sun tubes usually cost between $300-$500, as compared to the highest range of $1,700 for the double-pane insulated window.

Choose subway tiles:

If you are one of those who picks glass mosaic tiles along with the gorgeous pewter accents, then you have probably made the right choice. But after choosing $100 per square foot, it could definitely cover the whole area of your bathroom. Instead, you can consider a costly choice to enhance your decorative border or front wall and choose the white subway tile just for the remainder of your tiled surfaces. These tiles will be clean and simple and might be less than $4 per square foot, this classic subway tile shows a great timeless appeal which simply harmonizes each element of your decoration.

Get a framed mirror:

Sometimes small changes can immediately enhance the overall look of your home. for example, adding a new sofa or applying a new set of curtains can increase the elegance of your living room. Likewise, if you are remodeling your bathroom, then adding little elements would not only increase its worth but you can also cut costs on major renovations. So, if you want to quickly give you bathroom a glamorous look, then consider adding a framed mirror. It would double the elegance of your area and make it more stylish and unique. If you have a small mirror, you should try buying a frame from some thrift or home improvement store. If you already have a large mirror, you can try using molding to build a desirable frame.

Plan everything beforehand:

Right planning is always the key to success. But if you are ignoring the little things initially and do not plan the things accordingly, then it will ultimately cost you a lot of money and time. Because changing things in the midstream will disturb your overall budget and you won’t be able to recover the things in a timely manner. So, it’s better to know what you are doing and when you will be able to finish it before starting any major bathroom renovation.

Lastly, do not forget to add some new accessories like a towel, shower, bathtub or other necessary items that contribute to the lower costs and enhanced look of your bathroom. If you are in a process to remodel your new bathroom, it is better recommended to get detailed guidance from bathroom contractors so they can help you provide useful suggestions to end up successfully.

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