Top Trending Flooring Ideas for Hallways and Stairs

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The decision to select the right type of flooring for your stair and hallways that matches the overall decor and adds style to your home is always a tough situation. However, you must take into consideration how much people live in your home. It will determine the total footfall these areas are going to experience on a daily basis. Flooring contractors recommend it to be very significant as it brings the whole house together.

Hallways Flooring Ideas

The first impression counts the most, and the hallway is generally the face of the house. Take a look at following suggestions which are in trending list.

  • Wonderful Wood

When it comes to eco-friendly and elegance, wooden flooring is always on the top of the list. In the hallways, the footfall is usually high as it is the entry area of the home. Therefore, to achieve the perfect balance of looks and robust flooring then laminate wood or engineered wood flooring would be ideal for you. Moreover, it also works well in the seasonal changes and resists the weather harmful elements in a good way.

  • Hall Carpet Runners

It is an easy way to modify the look of your hallway floor. Currently, striped carpets are in a fashion which is providing a classic touch to your entry area. It will create an impression among your visitors regarding your personal taste. Apart from stripped carpet, you also have some other options that are in trend such as patterned carpets. However, you need to take services from professional flooring contractors as there is a requirement of measurement and crafting.

  •  Vibrant vinyl

In recent times, the vinyl flooring has come into different pattern shapes that are growing popular among the homeowners. These vibrant vinyl floors provide the benefits attached to the common vinyl product with the looks to improve the feel of your hallway.

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Stair Flooring Ideas

Homeowners just have to figure out what flooring solution fits the requirements. However, these are the top choices for the staircase.

  • Laminate on Stairs

Remodeling your old stairs or building the new one, laminate planks appear to be a smart option. Laminate flooring is available in different patterns and is easily affordable for homeowners. Moreover, the installation process is simple and it can be completed within one day without producing much dust.

  • Glass Tiles

These tiles may not have been in your list due to the perception of being weak in structure. Although it would be a little expensive your interior area would get such a great attraction value that every visitor will get impressed by your selection.

  • Faux Look

The faux look is basically a carpet treatment to your home. It is a modern trend which apart from appearance provides a great durable performance the homeowners. The design offers a perfect combination with the white walls of your home.

Hallway and stairs are an important area of your home and must not be ignored while doing the remodeling work. Moreover, you should also be in touch with modern trends for better decision making.

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