Top Kitchen Remodel Ideas to Follow in 2019

kitchen remodel ideas

There was a time when the kitchen used to be the hidden part of the home and was mainly utilized for meal preparation and dishwashing. However, in modern times, the kitchen has become the focal point of the home and has extended its role in the daily activities of the family members. Therefore, to carefully plan a renovation project, the knowledge about latest kitchen remodel ideas should be in the mind of homeowners to match the social dynamics and to have a modern kitchen in the home.

Open Shelving

The trend of open shelving has seen an instant growth in recent years and it is going to be at an upper level in 2019. Homeowners are finding it really attractive to display their kitchen glassware and dishes to appeal visitors. Most commonly, wood and glass materials are used up for the creation of the open shelving in the kitchen. Apart from storing the kitchen items, you also have the option of placing the foods in these open shelves. However, some of the food may perish in the sun, therefore, place the ones which do not need to freeze in order to be secured.

Indoor Herb Garden

If you cook a lot and are a stickler for fresh herbs, the convenience of having them handily accessible is an affordable luxury. It’s not only the kitchen design trend in the market but also a cooking trend among the homeowners. The presence of these dried herbs offers a lush view of the kitchen as well as a dash of nature to the enclosed environment. Nonetheless, homeowners should provide the water source such as from sink to these herbs and the exposure to the sunlight for better results. The combination of nature and nurture would be quite effective in impressing the guests.

 Appliances: New Styles and Preferences

Just like other features of the kitchen, appliances also play an important role in the appearance and overall design of the kitchen. In 2019, experts are predicting the installation of the appliances in the variety of the color and finishes. The trend of stainless steel kitchen appliances have dominated the market for a long time, however, in the recent years market has seen some change in the interest of the homeowners. Therefore, in 2019 homeowners are advised to look for the appliances with colorful appearance and unique finishes to stay ahead of the design trends and kitchen remodel ideas.

Connection with Outdoors

During the summer season, the kitchen is the hardest place to sit in or work for the homeowners. The temperature rises with the usage of the cooking appliances along with the humidity level. Therefore, connecting with the kitchen with the outdoors or patio has been getting popularity among the homeowners. There are options like the installation of the kitchen bay windows or entry doors towards the outdoor portion of the home. In this way, one can have a great view of the outdoor area along with the fresh breeze to keep the temperature down of the kitchen.

More Wood

The utilization of the wood in the kitchen creates a classic appearance of the kitchen. Hence, the homeowners are still not tired of usage of the wood for presenting a calming experience of the kitchen. The kitchen cabinetry and drawers are getting prepared by using the wood material in most of the luxury homes. Moreover, the hardwood floors are still hot in the market as far as kitchen flooring is concerned. The natural wood over the floor is a gorgeous addition to have in the kitchen. Nonetheless, the water is going to be a great threat for the hardwood still in 2019 as there is no solution available for it.

Pendant Lights

The dramatic look of the kitchen can be achieved through the statement hanging pendants. Most of the kitchens these days have the dining area within their boundary. Therefore, anchoring the dining area with the pendant lights would be highly attractive and will provide an Italian influence to the kitchen space. Pendant lights have been popular in the living area in recent years but now they are making their way into the home kitchen space. As earlier mentioned, the colorful features trend will get support from these pendant lights to have a lively and vibrant space in the kitchen.

Quartz is Still King

When it comes to countertops, quartz still has the edge over the other materials and it is going to maintain its position this year too. The material has long durability nature and is going to last for a long time in your home. Some time ago, there was an issue of the design variety and color finishes. However, in recent times, this issue has been overcome by the manufacturers as the quartz countertops are available in different design elements. This modification has been happened due to the help of technology in the manufacturing process.

Smart Kitchen

In the era of technology, the home improvement industry is also witnessing its impact due to the addition of smart tech features in the market. The smart tech features for the kitchen are also growing in popularity due to their enormous benefits. Most of these features use the Wi-fi and smartphone to operate their functions. Smart tech features provide assistance in the cooking, freezing and monitoring process in the kitchen. Furthermore, one can get guidance from the “Alexa” regarding the different activities in the kitchen. The smart kitchen also offers luxury to the homeowners to listen to their favorite music and programs. It can be done just through providing instructions by the voice.

Every year we see some changing in the kitchen remodel ideas list which should be in the knowledge of the homeowners. The change in trends has a great impact on the worth of the home. The reason behind this is the potential buyers do not get attracted towards the designs which are out of the market. Therefore, the kitchen should be remodeled according to the recent trends to get a worthy return on investment.

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