Top Kitchen Layout Mistakes You Should Not Make?

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For many people, the kitchen has been the most significant portion of the home. There are a lot of activities take place here which are common in every home such as cooking, cleaning, gathering or eating. Therefore, kitchen contractors recommend it to be well designed and functional for easy operations in this area.

The kitchen should be designed in such a way that gives a comfortable experience. Therefore, in order to make it look awesome, you need to avoid these mistakes while planning your kitchen layout.

Obstructing the Kitchen Triangle.

The top priority of the kitchen layout should be to provide unobstructed access to the three most important kitchen features; sink, stove and refrigerator. These features require regular and most usage during the activities in the kitchen. Therefore, whatever kitchen style you have opted for, the working activities should not require you to move more than 10 feet for reaching out these three kitchen features. However, it shouldn’t be too small as people may found to be tripping over one another. Make the perfect balance of features with keeping distance in mind.

 Not Lighting Up the Right Spots

The kitchen is the area in which most people have socializing and eating activities, hence, it needs to be well lit for a lively experience. The guests and visitors will found it to be more welcoming and pleasant when it will have a brighter appearance. Everyone is irritated in a dim lit space due to the straining of the eyes. Moreover, as the kitchen main function is cooking and cleaning the items in the sink, it cannot be done efficiently and perfectly if the kitchen hasn’t comprised of a well-functioned lighting system.

Poor Ventilation

The kitchen is by far the hottest area of any home due to its cooking activities. Moreover, the kitchen also has to deal with the food odor in the air which may be unpleasant for somebody to walk in. For instance, just imagine walking inside the kitchen with the fish smell of last night still lingering in the atmosphere. Consequently, an efficient ventilation system is the utmost requirement of refreshing and stimulating space to work in the kitchen. Also, it is helpful in bringing the temperature down which goes at higher during the food cooking process and releasing of warm gases by appliances in the kitchen.

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Wrong Kitchen Island

When it comes to selecting the kitchen island, the top priority for the people is to have a larger space for serving the food and storage space. However, it may turn out to be a problem as it covers too much space which leads to obstruction of activities. Similarly, the placement of the kitchen island also requires careful planning as it the wrong spot is a big disaster for your overall kitchen layout. The ideal size of the island according to experienced kitchen contractors is 4 feet long and 2 feet deep with proper storage space.

Fewer Storage Options

The kitchen includes a number of items that should be in place for usage at their specific time. Therefore, you need to store them within your kitchen for easy access to them at their need. You must take a review of what your cooking and features needs are and then plan the storage options such as cabinets or drawers for better results. However, if your storage space is less you have to place the items on countertops or other space that will lead to a messed up situation for the kitchen appearance. hence, do not ignore the storage requirements of your kitchen activity in the home.

Impulsive Design Decisions

The features or materials in the showroom appear and style different from your home kitchen. You are advised not to commit the final decision and payment until you have brought down the features into the kitchen and review their integration with the overall kitchen design of the home. However, you have the chance to select the features by under the same lighting system in your kitchen. For instance, bamboo flooring in your kitchen depends upon the lighting conditions as it comes in dark colors due to carbonization.

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Not Creating Enough Bench Space

One of the biggest mistake in the kitchen layout is to fill it with the features and not allowing bench space for food preparation or sitting. You have the options to place the kitchen land only if your kitchen has a larger area. As earlier discussed, the kitchen is used for socializing and more often for a family gathering, the sitting space is ideal for it. Many of the homeowners like to have breakfast in the within the kitchen due to easy access to features and food for saving time in order to reach the office. Therefore, sitting space is essential for your kitchen design but only if it has enough space.

Ignoring Your Recycling

As the recycling concept is growing with the time, the placing of bin under the sink is no more enough now. You need to recycle your trash efficiently for making use of it again. For this, you have the option of placing sorting bin available in the market. Moreover, the home improvement technology has also introduced smart bins which are highly useful for this purpose and is one of the most trending aspects according to the kitchen contractors working in this field. Therefore, it would be a smart decision to install it to reduce the mess created by the trash in your kitchen.

The kitchen is the most utilized area of the home along with the bathroom. It has utmost significance in raising the worth of your home. Therefore, proper layout and appearance of the kitchen should be your top priority in order to impress visitors and potential buyers. We hope that by following these recommendations by kitchen contractors you will be able to design a perfect layout for the kitchen in your home.