Top Cheap Flooring Options for Allergy Sufferers

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Ask any allergy sufferer, and he will tell you what he has been going through due to different rough & tough environmental elements.

These poor creatures do not even feel comfortable in their domestic setting because dirt, moisture and sometimes even cheap flooring problems trigger allergic reactions.

Yes, flooring might be the most neglected element and homeowners rarely consider it important when it comes to home improvement; but the fact is, this becomes the primary factor for allergy sufferers, and they do not counteract easily without any outside help.

But using some reliable, popular and cheap flooring options can help you overcome this element and you might feel in your domestic setting.

Hardwood Flooring:

While considering the best cheap flooring for your home, you should keep a wide criterion in your mind. And when you keep your allergy in mind, however, there would be no better choice than hardwood flooring.

Hardwood flooring is quite easy to maintain, it’s much aesthetically pleasing, attractive and durable. Above all, hardwood floors do not have harmful fibers that can cause allergens such as carpets. Besides this, hardwood flooring also increases the value of your home and while selling, you can easily expect a huge amount as compared to other options. Who wouldn’t want such flooring with numerous benefits?


If you think the idea of using hardwood flooring is not good for your health due to any reason, then I have got another option for you.

You can consider cork flooring, which is the most adaptable alternative for allergy sufferers.  Probably, it doesn’t offer the benefit of hardwood flooring, but still, it is in demand due to its antimicrobial nature which has a presence of Suberin. Cork flooring is simply resistant to the multiple hosts of allergens such as mold, mildew, as well as fungi. Cork is also much easy to mop, which adds value to your home. Especially for people who are much concerned with their environment, cork sounds like the most desirable flooring option.


Like hardwood, tile flooring is quite easy to maintain. It’s flat and quick to clean option for people with asthma or other allergies. Some common allergens include pollen, dust mites and others which causes a severe reaction in people. However, this type of flooring prevents them from many harmful situations that penetrate through the outer surface.

In addition to that, tile is also a great water-resistant option, which is best for the people who are allergic to different allergens which can simply thrive in the damp environments, such as mildew and mold.

While choosing the material of your tile flooring, you need to make several significant considerations. Ceramic tiles are quite smooth, flexible and flat.

There are some uneven materials, which include natural stone that can simply exacerbate various allergies by trapping harmful allergens.


There are many people who confuse linoleum with vinyl. But for people with different allergies, they have different options to consider. Unlike vinyl, that is simply based on petroleum, and linoleum is prepared from the linseed oil.

Now, this doesn’t mean that linoleum is more durable than vinyl, but it is even much eco-friendly. Moreover, linoleum has multiple added benefits of being a long-lasting and durable flooring. In such cases, linoleum can simply go if 40 to 50 years without even with some major renovations.

Carpets with natural fibers:

According to most of the flooring contractors today, carpets are not much favorable option for people with allergies. So, if you are allergic to carpets, you need to give the idea a second thought.

I am not asking you to avoid carpets completely. But the fact is, carpets are made from the natural fibers, unlike some of the synthetic materials which are least likely to aggravate the allergies. You can consider adding the carpets which have the sources of different natural fibers which even include wool, jute, as well as cotton.

However, due to the defensive nature of the carpet, it simply traps various allergens like dust. That’s the reason it is recommended to use frequent vacuuming and proper cleaning once in a month as it will simply minimize the allergens and dust in your home.

For choosing the right materials, you can consider consulting the right flooring professionals as they can help you make the right choice according to your allergic reaction, budget and latest trends.

Laminate flooring:

Laminate flooring maybe not a good option for allergy sufferers. It can simply depend on your contractor or the manufacturer and even the grade of the product.

Laminate flooring simply uses the recycled hardwood and it can be easily manufactured by gluing together several layers of wood composite.

There are plenty of adhesives used in the process which may contain formaldehyde and similar harmful VOCs. These elements can usually trigger another form of allergies too, even immediately. And with time, it can get severe too.

It’s also recommended to check the product to find out the formaldehyde rating. Nonetheless, laminate flooring also has the best surface which is easier to clean and just like hardwood, it does not harbor dirt or dust.

Final thoughts:

Regardless of which flooring trend you follow according to your health needs, it’s most important to maintain and keep the floors clean. In case of solid hardwood floor which is an ultimate choice of most of the homeowners, can simply result in different allergic reactions such as sneezes, coughing and breathing issues. And if you don’t keep it clean, you might face severe results which can turn dangerous with passage of time.

Thankfully, dust which has already settled to hardwood much easy to wipe away than dirt which can be settled into the small particles of carpet and then cannot be removed easily unless you vacuum it once a day. In order to have more clear ideas about choosing the right type of flooring, you can also consult with right home renovation contractors for different tips and advises. They can guide you well about choosing best and cheap flooring which is suitable according to your health needs as well.

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