Top 8 Options for Basement Windows in Home

basement windows

If your home comprises of a basement then it can prove to be a great living space just as the main floor. However, without the natural sunlight, the basement can present a look of the cave to the homeowners. Therefore, homeowners cannot afford to overlook the importance of basement windows during any remodeling project. These windows will provide the required natural light as well as also play a role in controlling the air flow. There are a number of options available in the market regarding the windows for the basement.

Hopper Window

This window is most commonly utilized for the basement. Hopper window is installed generally high up on the wall and structure-wise they are not wide. The great thing about this window is that it is always custom made to fit according to space. Hopper windows include top lock and a down lever which ensures safety and easy operation of activities. The most popular option for hopper window is made up of the vinyl material. The major disadvantage it brings to your home is that rain and snow can get inside the home through it. Therefore, install them only if your area does not bring rain in abundance.

Sliding Window

An easy to open that gives an interesting appearance of your basement is not a bad option to consider. As it opens over a sliding track, homeowners can easily control the amount of fresh air and natural light they want to bring in. The home appearance can get a great sleek design and modern look through the installation of a sliding window. Moreover, it can also be used in the partial and above ground basements. Usually, people do not consider it for basement windows but it can prove to be a great investment.

Double Hung Window

The popularity of double hung window has increased a lot in the other areas of the home. However, in recent times, the designers are considering it for the basement. The reason behind the excessive usage of double hung windows in the home is its support to manage the temperature. However, when it comes to flexibility then double hung window may arise some concerns as it is only utilized in the partially above ground basements. The initial costs can be higher including the installation fees but its durability will make it up. Nonetheless, do not take the decision in a hurry as the home structure is also a critical factor for its installation in the basement.

Casement Window

When it comes to energy efficiency, there is no match to casement windows. It can provide great results in hot areas where the inner temperature is hard to maintain. It has an airtight seal against the window frame which enables its energy efficiency. Besides this, it has a great tendency to providing ventilation to space. The above ground basement is considered ideal for the casement windows. Apart from this, the casement window can be opened quickly through which can exist unobstructedly in case of emergency. The price range of casement window varies according to the material, manufacturer and size, etc.

basement windows

Fixed Window

If your need is just to maximize the sunlight then the fixed window is a great option for the homeowners. However, it is not operable which may raise some eyebrows for the installation. The size of the fixed window is much higher than that of the other windows available in the market. In the basement, after the installation, space looks larger due to its size. Furthermore, it makes the outside view attractive due to its large glass and frame. The procedure of installation is simple for this type of window and can be done easily through a professional.

Awning Window

If the weather conditions of your area bring rain and snow in abundance then the awning window is the best possible option for you in the basement areas. The hinge at the top of the surface and open out the bottom. Its structure is constructed in a way that the glass of the frame takes the water away from the house. The one thing should be in the notice for the homeowners is that the awning windows are made for openings in which the width is greater than the height. Since this window protrudes outside, therefore, it is not ideal for install along the walkways or patios.

Glass Block

Glass block window is ideal for the people that look for privacy and security from outside. It is comprised of obscure glass through which no one can see inside. From the weight point of view, it is much heavier than that of the traditionally used windows. However, the ventilation level of the basement will go down as the glass of this window cannot be moved or taken aside. Therefore, it is suitable for areas with cold climates where the fresh air is less needed in the interior portion of the home. Glass Blocks are costly in nature but require less maintenance from the homeowners.

Basement Windows with Dryer Vents

Many homeowners contain a dryer and washer in the basement area of their home. For this, they require a proper vent system for the dryer. In the modern day era, there is an advancement in every field. Homeowners have the luxury to purchase the windows with built-in dryer vents. The other portion of the window is fixed but in some versions, it can act as hopper windows. It has great benefits for the homeowners that look to work in the basement area. The investment over this window has large impacts over the health too as it controls the humidity and moisture level.

The beautiful and aesthetic basement of your home cannot be said to be completed until the installation of the basement window. Normally, white color is mostly used for these windows in the basement. However, there are a number of style options available to you which makes the decision difficult for you. Apart from the selection, the installation and maintenance procedure should be done through professionals.

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