Top 6 Pool Renovations for Your Home

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A pool is part of your home that provides endless fun. Be it summer or winter, day or night, you can spend time there with your family and friends. But, with the passage of time, the pool needs some remodeling. A facelift to the poolside can give it a more relaxing and exotic environment and can increase its life.

If you are looking for pool renovations, these top six remodelings are a must do:

Tired of Cleaning Pool?

Cleaning a pool is a long task when it comes to maintenance. This is a work which is required on an almost daily basis. So, to save time on this grueling task, it is recommended that you should install a ‘Salt Water’ system in your pools. A regenerative process creates chlorine from salt. It is safer than the conventional method and requires no other chemicals. Some research has found that it has very negligible effects on skin and eyes. It is suggested that you get help from pool renovation contractors while installing as they can advise you on how to effectively use it. How much salt is required according to the size of your pool, and how often do you need the cleaning.

Pool Lighting

Lights are something that gives the pool a very unique feel. Combination of different colors that go along with the rest of your theme can look cool. LED lights are most recommended as they last longer and consume less energy. You may add lights on the floor of the pool to create even better lighting conditions. Lights on the stairs of the pool will help you at night. Glow-in-the-dark tiles can be used to give it an even cooler look.

 Scuppers and Spouts

Adding scuppers and spouts in your pool will not only make it beautiful but can also be very useful when it comes to filling the pool. If you are following a particular theme, you can add heads to the spouts to cover up the rest of the drain and give it a neat look. Installing a waterfall on the decks of the pool can give it a really exotic feel. The sound of the waterfall proves to be very soothing for your ears.

Beach Entrance

The beach entrance or zero entry in a pool gives it a very natural feel of a beach. The slope slowly descends till the halfway followed by stairs descending into the main pool. This is a very trendy look and provides an aesthetic appearance. Along with the option of swimming, you can just relax in the shallow water for a sunbath. Quite exquisite, isn’t it?

Pool Deck Resurfacing

In most cases, a pool deck is made of concrete. With the passage of time, cracks and leakages in the pool deck start occurring. It is very necessary to resurface the concrete pool it for the better experience. Concrete coatings keep them intact for a longer period of time. It is recommended that you layer them up vinyl sheets as they can enhance the beauty of it.

Similarly, reconditioning pool’s tiles is also necessary. If any leakages are present in the concrete, make sure that it gets repaired. If there are any cracks, make sure you get them changed. Fill all the gaps binding the tiles. Epoxy grout is highly recommended.


Coping is a must if you have an in-ground pool. It not only enhances the looks of the pool but has some benefits as well. Coping is an extended cap on the boundaries of the pool. It helps in keeping the water from splashing out of the pool. It also acts as a hanging point for swimmers, giving them more space as no more rails inside the pools are present. A potential risk of injury from metallic rails is removed as well.

Find Pool Renovation and Remodeling Contractors

Pools sides of the home are corner full of joy and peace. But, they need to be remodeled from time to time and there are endless ideas to them. You can choose a variety of items to remodel your pool or the can take ideas from home improvement contractors who can design it, meeting your exact requirements.

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