Top 10 home improvement projects with high return on investment

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Top 10 home improvement projects with high return on investment

Whether you plan to stay in your house for a long run or just a few years, it’s important to know which of the essential home improvements can add value to your place and increase its overall worth. But wait, if you are thinking to put a ‘sale sign’ in front of your house, then it becomes significant to consider the overall the renovation of your house; because some dingy appliances, outdated features, and worn carpeting decrease the value of your home and may give a poor return on investment.

Most of the buyers in Florida are quite picky, and they just want what they want. However, it is still recommended to not pour huge amounts to impress buyers especially if you are short on budget.

Here are the few ideas discussed by home improvement contractors at Renovaten which can guide you through the top improvements to enhance the look of interiors.

  1. Increased insulation plan:

Each year, the reliable home renovation companies tend to perform a cost-versus-value analysis in order to determine which home projects can offer a high return on investment. And according to the analysis of 2017, it’s not about a luxurious kitchen or lavish bathroom that can top the list, but the thing inspires people is its ‘attic insulation’.

It’s a quite inexpensive project which can be simply done for less than $1,500 and also has some estimated return of around 109%. Moreover, it’s also the best investment regardless of what you want to sell.

increased insulation


  1. Better front & garage doors:

When you considering some smart upscale renovations, the analysis says that replacement of your garage door provides the highest return on investment. And the sellers can easily expect to recoup more than 85% of the expenses of this project. But it’s better to now stop with the garage door only. Maintaining a new front door can be the best investment as well. According to the recent analysis, you can recoup nearly 91% of the expenses on the steel entry door and around 78% on the costs of the fiberglass. We also have explained here about the best garage door materials.

garage and front door


  1. Efficient kitchen remodeling:

The kitchen is the heart of your home, so it’s the most important thing to renovate efficiently. Your kitchen deserves some special attention if you are trying to sell your place.

It’s not necessary to make a complete overhaul, but you can only consider replacing the cabinets or can update the finishes. Therefore, just a minor kitchen renovation would be able to recoup around 80% of its total cost, while the average level kitchen renovation will offer 65% return on investment.

kitchen renovations

  1. Placement of new & stylish windows:

Replacement of old and dull windows can simply brighten your bedrooms and increase the worth of your home. It’s obviously not important to splurge though. According to the latest trends, you can choose efficient vinyl replacement windows that have more than a 75% return on investment, which gives them just a 3% edge over wood windows.

window remodel

  1. Utilization of high energy appliances:

An upgrade to some high-efficiency appliances, such as water heaters and furnaces usually offers dual benefits. This upgrade can make the home more awesome & attractive for buyers, and above all, they can simply reduce the living costs for the homeowners as well. So, most of the cities and states may even have tax incentives and different programs that can help offset the expenses. According to the homeowners in Florida, this is much better than the stainless steel appliances or throwing up the granite.

  1. Unique interior paint:

It’s quite difficult to calculate the overall return on investment for the paint coat, but according to experts, most of the buyers love clean lines and airy spaces. This is a great way you can bring the light in and make the areas more attractive, and it’s simply going to affect the price as well. For people who are on a tight budget, the fresh paint can simply go long way to brightening your room.

  1. Bathroom renovations:

The bathroom is usually considered as another prime element for home renovations. Today, most of the homeowners tend to replace the vanity, interiors, lighting, and toilet. And it’s simply a more than inexpensive way to dynamically increase the look and warmth of your interiors.

bathroom remodel

Addition of a luxurious bathroom features is a big investment and it doesn’t have offer the highest return rate. According to the reports, the homeowners would simply recoup more than half of an investment. Therefore, it might be quite essential to offer a big sale, especially if you have a single bathroom in your house. If you have more than three bedrooms and every member of the house is sharing one shower, then it would be a tough thing in the resale market.

  1. Refinishing of your basement:

Refinishing the basement or some other areas of your house dramatically increase the worth of your house in some areas. Like in Florida, for the highest price per square foot, it’s normal to spend $20,000 to $30,000 to finish the area that makes a lot of sense.

According to the National Association of Realtors report of 2015, it was the ultimate value of converting your basement to lounge. It has been estimated that most of the homeowners usually expect to recoup 67% of the average price. Therefore, the ROI for converting your attic to a lounge was also estimated at around 61%.

basement refinishing


  1. Siding replacement:

You can also choose to update your old siding. Consider the replacing of 1,250 square feet, will cost you maximum $15,072 and you might get back $11,554 while selling it. That upgrade might include the factory trim right at the openings as well as the corners.

siding replacement


  1. Enhancement of your wood deck:

Nothing could enhance your yard like a beautiful wood deck. This would involve the addition of a 16-by-20-foot deck, which also include a railing system along with the pressure-treated wood posts, railings and balusters. This enhanced wood deck feature would even hold more than 82% of the value when it comes to resale.

With the above-mentioned home renovations, you can ultimately save huge amounts in the dollar, but the amount may vary as well due to the difference in a market price. The analysis also recommends that consulting with professional contractors can also solve many problems as they can guide you about the latest trends and ideas to generate maximum ROI. By doing this, you can also understand the expectations of buyers nearest your area before sinking heavy amount on renovations.

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