Tips on Choosing the Perfect Door Handles

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The process of choosing the perfect door handles is much more complicated than you ever think. The reason is you are not going to only choose the door handle, but also the relevant lock set and other supporting materials.

To buy a door handle that has a stylish look, there are three things which must be noticed; look, feel and cost.

So, here, I will suggest you the major types of door handles and recommended you when to choose which one.

Types of Door Handles

Commonly, the terms door knobs and door handles are used for the same purpose. However, it can be right if you are talking to a person who is your friend or relative but not with the specialists whom you are looking to buy the stuff from. To get this confusion clear, first, let’s discuss bot to remove any similarity doubt.

Door Knobs

It is the most commonly used hardware object on the doors in modern homes. Doorknobs require a strong grip of the hand to function and twist of the wrist to perform its operation. The basic purpose of the doorknobs is to open the unlocked door from outside or inside the home. The physical requirement does not allow it to match its design to the ADA Barrier-Free Design demands.

Lever Handles

For the people who find it difficult to use doorknobs due to its complexities, lever handles is a great option and have approved design according to international requirements. With the age, one finds it difficult to use force at regular intervals. In this case, you must replace your door knobs with the lever handles so that no issue arises for old age members of your family.


These are mostly found on the exterior doors of the home. They are installed without the look but having a matching deadbolt for this function. To open the door through it, one has to push the thumb on the latch. This may be difficult for people with mobility problems. Similarly, the decision of purchasing a lock with it is utmost important as it must look and operate according to the handleset.

Things to Notice while Choosing Door Handles

As already mentioned, there are three things which a homeowner must notice while choosing the right and perfect door handles. Let’s discuss each of them in detail here.

1. Look

The number of options has increased tremendously in recent times when it comes to look and appeal of the door handles. You should consider the door handle as an important accessory of your home other than just thinking of it as a piece of hardware. Take the decision according to the overall appeal of your home. For instance, if your room is built according to present-day modernized requirements than the old-fashioned door knobs would not be the ideal choice for it.

The other point to keep on focus is that your home doors are similar throughout or have different designs according to conditions. The type of door handles must be according to the type of door used.

2. Feel

The feel of the door handle is a thing which homeowners consider generally. However, one should not ignore importance as the number of times this door handle is going to use in a day is countless. Never opt for a door handle which feels uncomfortable to you. Also, keep in mind the physical strength everyone in the family.

3. Cost

The cost of the door handles is an issue that raises eyebrows among homeowners as they feel it as an extra expenditure. Most of think that these products came along with the doors. However, you should keep this in mind that this stuff you have to purchase other than the door. The costs spent on these door handles will, in the end, benefit you in styling and designing of your home.

Find Local Door Contractors and Door Installation Contractors

Now, since you have a better understanding of the home door handle, just purchase it according to your choice and style of home. Door handle installation should be performed by skill professionals who are expert enough to deal with all types of doors remodeling in cost effective rates.

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