Tips to Maintain the Performance of Air Conditioning System

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Normally in summer, energy costs rise up due to the excessive use of air conditioners in the home. The cooling and heating systems of any home conclude almost half of the bills. This is because it is the utmost choice for everyone to keep their home environment comfortable.

However, to lower down your energy bills, here we will provide you with some tips to improve your air conditioning service.

Cleaning of Outdoor Unit & Vents

The performance of your outdoor unit improves enormously if its surroundings are clear from any kind of dust and debris. Correspondingly, the role of vents cannot be ignored in better performance of your air conditioning service in your home. Remove all the blockages which are stopping the airflow. Make it sure that any object is not in front of it.

Adjust your thermostat

It is found to be quite effective to adjust your temperature settings. Buying a programmable thermostat will be a great decision. You can automatically set the different temperature settings at different times in a day depending on the conditions. Also, keep your heat emitting appliances such as table lamps away from the surface of the thermostat. It will eventually make air hotter near the thermostat which will tell it that there is more need of cooling in the room.

Don’t Let Sunlight inside

Always remember not to open your curtains and blinds in the summer during the daytime. The direct sunlight gets in makes your home hotter from both inside and outside. This will result in more use of your air conditioning service and hence a gradual increase in your energy bills. Take time and close them as quick as you can.

air conditioning service

Avoid using your dryer and oven

Plan your activities with the conditions and temperature available in the day. Try not to use your warm air producing appliances at the hottest times of the day. They will emit heat and make the air warmer inside your home. Most typically used appliances which generate heat waves are dryer and oven in the kitchen. The kitchen is already considered to be a hotter place than the whole home, the use of oven at noon will increase its temperature.

Insulate any exposed ductwork

Review your ductwork often to inspect any leakage in it eventually leading to the passage of conditioned air. You can get your leakages to fix by applying duct sealing tape available in the market. However, it must be done by some professional contractor for the maintenance and repairing of ductwork.

Schedule Annual Maintenance

Take time and get your air conditioner a scheduled maintenance procedure from skillful contractors after regular intervals. It may look like an extra burden on the costs, but trust us it will heavily impact the service and performance of the air conditioner. The better air conditioning service will result in the lesser use of ACS. Hence, it will result in lower energy bills too.

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By acting on these above guidelines, you will surely feel a better performance of your air conditioners without even spending much money it. Do give feedback in comments below.

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