The Pros and Cons of Popular Metal Roofs

metal roofs

The roof is a very important part of your home as it provides defense against external elements. Installation of a new roof or maintenance of the old one is not as glamorous as the renovation of a kitchen or a bathroom, but believe me, it is very necessary.

In home remodeling projects like the kitchen, bathroom, or ceiling, more emphasis is given on the looks, style, and design. However, regarding the roof, this approach slightly changes, and durability becomes an important factor to consider before roof selection. There are a number of roofing materials available, but the metal roofs have become a very common choice.

Metal roofs are made from a variety of metals like zinc, tin, aluminum, steel or copper. Here we will discuss some of the pros and cons of the metal roofs so that you can have the best roofing material for your home.

 Pros of The Metal Roof

1. Durability

The topmost feature of this roofing system is durability. The life expectancy of the metal roof is more than 50 years vs. the 20 to 25 years of other roofing materials. Longevity and durability make this roofing system as the top-choice for the homeowners.

metal roofs

2. Easy Maintenance

They are very easy to maintain. If they are installed by the professional roofing contractors, there are almost zero chances of leakages. Being very strong material, metal roofs require minimum repairs and maintenance.

3. Can Withstand the Storms

A metal roof can withstand the thunderstorms and the heavy snow better than any other roofing material. Hence, for the areas prone to cyclones and thunderstorms, a metal roofing system is the ideal choice.

metal roofs

4. Best Choice in The Wildfire Areas

Due to climate changes, wildfires have become a very common thing in the world. Many roofing materials are officially restricted to be used in the areas susceptible to wildfire. This kind of roofs are fireproof and they are the obvious choice.

Cons of The Metal Roof

1. Metal Attracts Lighting

Many people believe that metal roofs attract lighting and it is very dangerous to use as your roof. What do you think? No way. This is a big misconception that has no basis. This fear is based on the concept that metals are good conductors of electricity so it is assumed that these roofs will surely attract lighting. This is a totally baseless assumption and in fact, it is the safest roofing system.

metal roofs

2. Metal Roofs are Slippery

Don’t try to walk on the metal roof when it is wet or moist. It is for sure slippery. It is more slippery than other roofing systems. This disadvantage can be managed easily. Use a good pair of shoes with a strong grip. Furthermore, use the fall-arrest system if you have to do something on the roof.

3. Snow Avalanching

These being so slippery can cause the accumulated snow on them to avalanche. In the areas which experience heavy snowfalls in winters, this can be a disadvantage. This can be a good thing as the snow will not build up on the top of your roof.

metal roofs

4. Metal Roofs Can Be Noisy

Yes, these roofs can be noisy when the hail falls. However, now there are insulations which guard to some extent against this noise. Also, homeowners get used to it after sometime and they don’t take it as a serious issue.

All the roofing systems have advantages and disadvantages. Choose the roof material which suits your house. Disadvantages regarding metal roofing are of minor nature while the benefits are far more as compared to other roofing materials. Clearly, this roofing system is a better option for your lovely home.

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