7 Things You should Know for Wood Floor Refinishing

As we all know that wood floor has tough, shiny and beautiful nature, which makes it an ideal choice for the family. However, with the time wood floor refinishing is required to bring out the best performance. This is known to be its best quality that the wooden floor can get back to it its attractive look through the refinishing process. However, the process should be completed carefully for good results. Therefore, you must consider the following points before the refinishing process starts. Continue reading “7 Things You should Know for Wood Floor Refinishing”

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How to Maintain Hardwood Floor in your Home?

Hardwood floors are elegant in nature and boost the value of your home. It is a durable product, however, requires proper care and maintenance from the owners to last long in the home. For this, you must avoid any kind of damage over its surface. For this, flooring contractors have recommended the following tips and guidelines in order to maintain the fine condition and appearance of your hardwood floor.

Tread Lightly

There is no need for implementing the policy of no-shoes in your home for hardwood floors. Yet, the homeowners should avoid high heels which impacts the surface of the hardwood floor highly. Moreover, furniture can also scratch the wood, so you are advised to place felt pads under the bottoms of sofas, tables, and chairs. Moreover, try to keep dirt and sand from the shoes out by placing doormats.

Cleaning with Microfiber Mop

It is recommended to you to perform cleaning of the hardwood floor regularly to preserve the long life. It is ideal for you to dust every day with a microfiber mop or swifter. Microfiber mop performs excellently to trap the dirt from the surface and removes the household allergens. Furthermore, its usage is safer as the broom edgest can make scratches over the hardwood floor. Apart from this, daily dusting has always been regarded as the best line of action against the damage and scratches of the floor.

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Refinish your floor

The great thing about the hardwood is it has an easy process of refinishing the surface. Through this, the lost shine and look of the floor can be revived. There are a number of options available regarding the refinishing of your floor. For instance, if your floor has oiled finish then you can apply oil to the floor for serving the purpose. Similarly, the lacquered finish will require the addition of light sand and lacquer. However, in any case, the refinishing process will give you the ideal appearance with removing the scratches and dents too.

Stay Cool

The perfect temperature for your wooden floor is between 60-80 degree Fahrenheit. Besides this, the humidity level should not be ignored and it is ideal to have in the range of 30-50 percent. Therefore, you can keep the temperature in control which will result in the avoidance of planks gapping and buckling. However, keep your health in priority if you have issues with the temperature recommended by the flooring contractors.

Keep out the Rain

Water has highly negative impacts on the hardwood floor surface. It can penetrate deep inside the wooden floor and causes stains. Therefore, you must avoid the flow of water over the floor. More importantly, you must shut the windows and door when rain is going on outside. Make sure that there is no standing water and try to immediately remove or dry it out.

Hardwood floor no doubt have immense popularity among the homeowners due to their looks and feel it provides. However, the proper care is necessary to attain the long term benefits otherwise your investment can go waste.

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Restore Your Floor’s Shine with these Expert Tips

The floor is a most utilized and valued part of any home. It contributes a lot to the overall décor of the home. However, after a certain time, even the best floors start to show wear and tear. Regular cleaning cannot help to keep your floors shining. Continue reading “Restore Your Floor’s Shine with these Expert Tips”

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How to Select Hardwood Flooring For Your Home

The decision of choosing right flooring is hardest. Flooring almost underpins every other thing present in the home. There are unlimited options in flooring, but the most acknowledged one is hardwood flooring. Most people find it hard to choose the right product. There are many factors involved in selecting a flooring type that is graceful and elegant. Continue reading “How to Select Hardwood Flooring For Your Home”

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