Four Best Vacuums for Shag Carpet in 2019

Many home decorators consider shag flooring a luxurious aspect of a room. Shag carpets are very feet-friendly and are a bit expensive but their beauty and luxury worth it. The deep and luxurious pile of shag carpets tends to trap anything small that meets it. This makes the cleaning a bit tricky. Now, this can’t be tackled by an ordinary vacuum cleaner. Luckily, there are best vacuums for shag carpets that are specially designed to handle tough jobs like this one.

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What to look While Buying a Carpet for Family Room?

Family room serves as a social area of the home where members gather to talk, eat or have fun together. The floor of the family room has the utmost importance as many of the activities performed by kids are done on it. Other than that it’s floor has to face much more walking movement than any other area of the home. Therefore most of the family rooms in the home are covered with carpet. Here we will guide you to what to look for while buying a family room carpets. Continue reading “What to look While Buying a Carpet for Family Room?”

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