Split vs Window; Which Air Conditioner is better?

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These days, most of the homeowners feel confused about purchasing right air conditioner for their home. They prefer to buy the AC with less energy bills. But before before choosing the right AC, it is also important to consider the home architecture and environment.

In this guideline, we will provide you knowledge about which AC you should install; window or split.

Rightsizing an air conditioner is very important

The sizing of the window ac is referring to the tonnage of it. It heavily impacts the energy consumption and billings. The area of the space it has to cover and the number of people utilizing the specific space is significant things to consider while choosing the size of an air conditioner. The amount of stuff and electrical appliances impact should also be kept in the notice. In case of high cooling requirement, go for split AC as it provides high cooling efficiency as compared to the window AC.

Design and Installation

Split AC provides various design varieties due to its availability in different colors and representation. However, window ac hasn’t evolved with the time when it comes to styling. But, when it comes to installing window AC, it has a simple procedure in comparison to the split AC. Split AC needs a professional for its installation process and similarly for its uninstallation. Window AC is also suitable for people living in a rented apartment because it is easily moveable.

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Price and Power Consumption

Split ACs are generally more expensive than the window ones. Price range is almost 50 percent more than that of the window. Correspondingly, there are no installation charges required for the window AC. However, if you have a large room to cover then split ACs are the more preferable choice as they provide high efficiency in cooling at low power consumption. It is definitely not suggested that that window AC takes more energy but the message here is that they take more effort in bigger rooms as compare to split. So, don’t be confused as in small rooms the performance of window ac is better than split.

Air Conditioner Noise

Split AC operates without producing any noise and sound. In contrast, windows ac installed right next to the room windows generate noise or sound. For the people, who are allergic to constant noise or find it difficult to sleep in it, split AC is recommended for them.

Maintenance and Repairing

Window AC is a well-composed appliance and needs low maintenance. Although, split AC is well composed too but needs regular maintenance from a professional or skilfull electrician. The repairing of both ACs needs some seasoned pro to fix the issue.

AC ContractorsIn the end, window and split ACs both have their unique advantages and disadvantages over each other. Choose any of them according to your requirement and conditions.

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