Restore Your Floor’s Shine with these Expert Tips

floor maintenance

The floor is a most utilized and valued part of any home. It contributes a lot to the overall décor of the home. However, after a certain time, even the best floors start to show wear and tear. Regular cleaning cannot help to keep your floors shining.

Daily cleaning of the floors helps to maintain the shine and integrity of your floors, but as being the most used part of the home, the floor needs special attention. People have different likings and choices regarding their floors. Some like hardwood flooring, some are interested in tiles and marble, some love the beauty of the laminate flooring, and the list goes on and on. Another trendy option is to choose eco-friendly floors for your home.

There is no single floor restoration formula that suits all the floors. Flooring experts have different tips to bring back the shine of different floors. Here we will discuss them separately for each type of floor so that you can choose the best way to restore your floor’s shine.

  1. Let’s Start With Tiles

Even the best tiles after a certain period of time will show the ravages of time and lose their shine. A simple solution to this is to acquire the services of the local flooring contractors but it will cost you money. Why not do it yourself? It is not that complicated.

Take a bucket full of water and add two spoons of cleaning detergent. Use a soft brush to scrub the floor and mop it. Now pour the detergent water on the tiles and rinse the floor to remove the residual soap let it dry. Add polish to a soft rag and rub it into the floor starting from one side and spreading a thin layer of polish on the entire floor. Buff the floor with a soft and clean rag and your floor will start to shine and look new.

  1. Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring is luxurious, durable, and adds a lot of value to your home. One of the most common complaints about this beautiful flooring is that it becomes dull and dingy. There are many hardwood floor cleaning products are available in the market but look for the product that is suitable for your type of floor.

Another great option is to take a suggestion from the local flooring contractors. They will surely suggest their own brand but at least you will have an idea of the product best suited for your floors. There is no need to buy expensive cleaning products for the rest of your life, rather a little experimenting will help you to find a cleaning agent that will bring the shine back to your hardwood floor.

floor maintenance

  1. Laminate Floors

Laminate floors are versatile, durable, and easy to maintain. They are designed to be shiny and clean, and with proper maintenance, they will stay like this for long times. However, every floor becomes dull as the time passes. For its cleaning, gently remove the dust with the help of vacuum or a microfiber mop to avoid scratches. Use only specially formulated laminate flooring cleaners. Spray a thin and even layer of the cleaner on one section of the floor and then mop it gently. Repeat it again until the whole area is being sprayed and moped. Let the floor dry for some time and then with a clean and microfiber rag, rub and buff the floor to bring back the alluring shine.

  1. Vinyl Floors

Vinyl is a great inexpensive, durable, and beautiful option but it requires protection from scratches and dents. The amazing no-wax vinyl floors require extra care when it comes to cleaning. If your floor loses its shine, you can restore it with a specially made polish or sealant for your vinyl floors. First, make sure that the floor is fully clean and then apply one or two thin layers as directed. It will restore the shine and you can maintain it with proper damp mopping.

floor maintenance

Once you have chosen an ideal floor design for your home, keeping your floors shiny and clean requires some work. It is way better of maintaining your floors than to replace it. Following simple steps like  Vacuuming or sweeping the floors regularly, mopping with the right cleaner, using floor mats at the entrance, cleaning the spills immediately, and using recommended polish two or three times in a year will keep the shine and freshness of your floors for a long time.

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