Refinishing or Replacement: Which is the Best Solution for the Problematic Bathtub?


A colorful bathtub plays a big role in the overall color scheme and décor of your bathroom. There is no comparison to the relaxation you get by taking a dip in the bathtub after a hectic day. However, when your bathtub starts showing wear and tear, it is a big headache.

There are two very common solutions to bathtub issues, refinishing or the replacement. When the problems start rising, people tend to jump to the replacement. However, when we add the other factors involved with the replacement, your thoughts might change.

Similarly, bathtub refinishing is another legitimate way of tackling this issue, but people have doubts about it. Here we will discuss the pros and cons of both replacement and refinishing to give you a clear picture. Let’s see what the best option for you is to opt for the problematic bathtub.

1. Bathtub Replacement

In general, bathtub replacement is the easiest and simple way of resolving the issue. However, it is not that simple at all. Bathtub replacement does not only mean to get a new bathtub and install it in your bathroom. There are also other costs involved which will make it an expensive option.


Bathtub Replacement Cost

There is a wide range of bathtubs you can choose from.  A very simple porcelain metal bathtub will approximately cost you $300 to $400. While the acrylic, cultured marble, enameled cast iron, and others will be from $800 to $2500.  Now add the cost of the bathroom remodeling contractor in it. The demolition of the existing tub, removal of the debris, landfill costs, and the plumbing will also cost you money. When you add all these together, the amount will balloon.

If you are willing to spend good money or you don’t like the color and style of your bathtub, then it is better to replace it. A new and stylish bathtub will bring the glaze and elegance in your bathroom and you will be free of worries.

2. Bathtub Refinishing

Bathtub refinishing is another way of resolving your bathtub issues. It is a very simple and inexpensive way to have a sparkling new tub. It saves you from the pain and cost of tearing-out during replacement. The problem is that some customers have a sour taste in their mouths regarding refinishing, even this perception has little basis.


Bathtub Refinishing Cost

Most homeowners spend around $400 to $500 on refinishing, which is far less then replacement if we considered all expenses associated with replacement.

There are expert and professional bathroom remodeling contractors who offer unmatched finishing and quality at very affordable costs. Bathtub refinishing saves you from many hazards. A professional contractor will effortlessly clean, sand, patches, and paints over the existing surface without disrupting the whole bathroom.

A beautiful and refined appearance of the bathroom bathtub, minimum mess and hassle involved, and being very affordable makes the refinishing an ideal choice.

DIY refinishing?

There is DIY bathtub refinishing kits available in the market which are very helpful in minor repairs. But if you want a first-class finish and quality, then this option is not recommended. DIY refinishing is very economical and attractive but it has a shorter lifespan. Also, it is impossible to have a smooth finish rather the paint will start peeling soon.


Final thoughts

So, what to do. Considering the benefits of bathtub refinishing in comparison with the replacement, we recommend the refinishing as an ideal choice. All the work will be done on-site and there will be no chaotic and hectic effects of demolition, removal, and breakage.

The key thing in this regard is to hire a bathroom contractor who has the right skills, and most importantly the right tools for the task.

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