Plywood vs Particle Board: Which Kitchen Cabinet is Better?

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Kitchen cabinets are a significant part of your cooking activities and contribute to the overall impression of the space. Most of the people focus over the external appearance but do not pay attention to the internal structure. It should be in the notice of everyone that the inner material matters most in the overall performance of these cabinets. Kitchen contractors have recommended Plywood and particle board as the two most used material for the kitchen cabinets. Here, we will compare them on the different attributes.

Strength of Material

Everyone looks to have features in the kitchen that are long-lasting in nature. In this regard, plywood is considered to be highly durable which stands against the test of time. Therefore, it is suggested to be utilized in kitchens where less maintenance is performed. However, particle board in this aspect seems less strong with a comparison to the plywood. Nonetheless, if you buy good quality then it can also be durable but the surface will still be prone to scratches and dents.

Cost Factors

Plywood is an expensive material and mostly used in the high-quality kitchen cabinets. Its price range lies in different categories depending upon the quality. Particle Board has an upper hand over the plywood when it comes to cost factors. It is quite affordable for homeowners who want to have a quality product at cheaper rates. The overall procedure for installation is easier in particle board.

kitchen contractors

Construction Process

The support to general construction material like nails and screws is found to be excellent in case of plywood. Mostly, due to its expensive nature, plywood is utilized in glued-joint applications. However, particle board does not hold the nails and screws as good as plywood. With the time, you will witness that its joints will appear to loosen up. Therefore, it is suggested by the kitchen contractors to use it if you are looking to outfitting a kitchen for a short time.

Moisture Handling

Kitchen has the most moisture presence in the home beside the bathroom. Therefore, the features you select must be resistant to the moisture naturally for better performance. Plywood resists the moisture excellently and stands well against the exposure to the water. Particleboard due to its sensitive nature is susceptible to the damage if exposed to the water continuously which in kitchen happens mostly. This also exerts the fact that it is a good short term solution but cannot be said to be reliable for a long time.

Maintenance Requirements

As we have already discussed that the plywood is durable and strong material, therefore, it has fewer maintenance requirements than that of particle board. Homeowners normally have to go for repairing process when it comes to particle board kitchen cabinets. This also impacts the overall cost factors which are initially low in case of particle board.

Both the materials have their own properties and attributes which makes it clear for the homeowners to decide which one they should install. However, the decision should be based on the requirements of the homeowners.

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