Outdoor Connected Kitchen: A Trend that will Stay for Long

outdoor connected kitchen

Modern kitchens have become much more than just a place to prepare and serve food. It is a place where the family and friends meet and greet every day.

There is a wide range of kitchen styles and designs and every homeowner wants to have something unique when it comes to kitchen design. Similarly, kitchens have become a social zone and it should be able to accommodate a lot of things like welcoming your outdoors inside. Yes, a kitchen that is connected with the backyard, patio, or the deck outside. A kitchen connected with the outdoor is not an odd thing now. In fact, these additions and extensions have become the trend that has grown in popularity.

Here are some of the benefits and ideas to connect your kitchen with the beautiful outdoors.

1. Family Zone

A kitchen that is connected with the outdoors is a perfect setting to create a family zone. The main idea is to have visual connectivity between the kitchen inside and the deck outside. You can create such an amazing environment by using some common elements like the colors, textures, or finishing materials. All you have to do is to create a clear boundary between the kitchen and your outdoors.

outdoor connected kitchen

2. Glass-paned Doors will Become a Focal Point

A great way to let fresh air and light into your kitchen is to install glamorous glass-paned doors across one kitchen wall. The broad expanses of glass will let the beautiful views and light in your kitchen. Moreover, the doors will also become a beautiful focal point of your kitchen even after the sun goes down and the night prevails.

outdoor connected kitchen

3. Try Sliders

If you are short on space, go for the sliders. Sliding glass doors and screens slide into the pockets and they don’t require extra space. They will expand the square footage of your kitchen and you can enjoy the beautiful and soothing outdoors while working in your kitchen.

outdoor connected kitchen

4. Folding Windows

In case you don’t have the luxury to have vast glass-paned doors, try folding windows in your kitchen. You can fold these windows and let the fresh and fragrant air and light into your kitchen. Choose windows with the minimal frames as they will fit brilliantly with any style and design of your kitchen.

outdoor connected kitchen

5. French Doors are Charming

When you cannot have a full door on one side of the kitchen and the sliding doors look odd, a set of French doors is the best choice to have. It will be a very charming and attractive addition to your kitchen. To make the view more beautiful, add a simple garden feature like a fountain or a trimmed hedge to line up the view from the inside.

6. An Outdoor Bar

If you have folding windows, you make the scenario more interesting by adding an outdoor bar attached to the kitchen. Add a number of comfortable chairs and with the pass-through access to the kitchen, you have an ideal place to sit in the evening and enjoy.

7. Add an Around-the –corner Window

Leave the traditional four walls and window pattern and add a corner window to your kitchen. According to the kitchen contractors, taking away the corner will make you a part of the outside view and this feature will become the highlight of your kitchen. Ample light will brighten your kitchen in the day time and the amazing views in the evening will refresh your mood.

outdoor connected kitchen

8. A Glass Door Can Do Wonders to a Gallery Kitchen

aaacan open up your gallery kitchen with the addition of a simple glass door at the end. It will offer an enticing view of the outdoors and provide easy access to the outdoor dining area. Add some modern lighting to the kitchen and it will make the narrow space look larger. Keep the color of the door frame in accordance with the color of the cabinets.

A kitchen that is connected to the outdoor enables you to capture the spring view of the valley, surrounding greenery, and to bring ample amounts of natural light. However, the success of an indoor-outdoor kitchen depends a lot on how well you can make your beautiful outdoors a natural extension of your living space. So, follow the ideas mentioned above when you plan to connect your kitchen with your outdoors.