New Year, New kitchen- Top Renovation Ideas to fall in Love with

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If you are thinking about kitchen remodeling to bring some charm and character, then this is the best time to consider some top renovations that can be applied to increase the worth of your home. As New Year celebrations are just around the corner and everyone is busy searching for some new ideas and tricks to make the areas more comfortable and appealing.

Here are some ideas presented by home improvement contractors that would help you keep the areas updated according to latest trends.

Use unique patterns in your kitchen:

Chevron patterns are quite trendy these days, especially in the United States, as people tend to find something unique which has not been discovered by others.  You can find them simply in upholstery, wallpaper, textiles and they are also showing up in the tiles to create a more appealing look.  Another common pattern to follow is subway tiles.  These are considered much traditional as 3 x 6 tiles are available in amazing color palate and their look is extraordinary.  The kitchen renovation must be about creating a place that you fall in love with over and over again. In order to create such a look, it’s better to consult with local kitchen contractors once in a while, especially if it’s Christmas or New Year. As they can help you make the area according to the season and your budget as well.

kitchen patterns

Uplift the look by adding ‘task lighting’:           

Your kitchen should look more than beautiful especially if your guests keep coming on holidays; especially, if it’s a functional one, then it would double the elegance of your home.  Thus, if you will add enough light, it won’t only help you see the things more clearly but also add more attraction and brightness to the whole area.

Other than this random lighting, you can also try on task lighting, gives you enough light to get your job done.  Thus, chopping, kneading, and mixing is seemed much easy and safe when you can clearly see what’s going on in.

Lighting mounted under your kitchen cabinets is also a good way to add light to different work areas.  Moreover, it will also give an expensive look to your kitchen.

task lighting

Add personalized storage:

It’s also important to ensure that your kitchen renovation contractors understand your cooking style.  Incorporate storage where you need it the most.  Addition of a unique storage drawer will also help you fall in love with the kitchen every time you cook food for your family. Storage can even be greatly used to transition from your kitchen to the lounge room. Your kitchen renovations also include the transitional space that may offer great storage and display areas.


So, if you are ready for kitchen renovation on New Year, then it’s important to pick the right kitchen renovation contractor can design and rebuild the area in a more convenient way.


Renovaten contractors can help you come up with unique design options that can offer timeless appeal and help you easily update your kitchen in the future.  Check out the blog posts for more inspiration.

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