Top 8 Home Windows Design Ideas which are Trending in the Market

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There are different types of options available for you to choose the windows that make up the construction of your home. However, the process is not as simple as homeowners might think. Selecting the home windows that complement your overall architecture with long-life and energy efficiency in mind is a daunting task. Here, we will present you an interesting listing of windows categories that can improve the curb appeal of your home through their suitable design.

Double-Hung Windows

These windows are comprised of two sashes that which move in a sliding pattern up and down vertically. The structure of the double hung windows allows the homeowners to open it from any side but does not get out of the frame. Therefore, it should be in your mind that it does not protrude out towards any side of the home either external or internal. However, if we look at the single-hung windows, homeowners can only open them from the bottom side.

Fixed windows

As the name suggests, fixed windows do not move, tilt or slide and stand fixed to the frame. Therefore, they are not recommended by the experts in the rooms where fresh air is required such as in a living area or bedroom. However, the usage of fixed windows comes along with the casement windows where they can be installed with double-hung casements, positioned below or above hoppers and awnings. The shape and size availability is no problem in the market regarding the fixed windows. The advantage for the homeowners is the energy efficiency it brings to the room with affordable rates.

Picture Window

It is most of the times installed in the living area or a place in the home where the people like to stay under the warm light with the outside view. However, it must be mentioned here that the picture window is stationary and do not open form any side. It can provide energy efficiency by taking down energy bills. The picture window is utilized with the combination of the other types of the window to maximize the view from inside of the home. It is ideal for the homeowners to install it in the living area of the home.

Horizontal Sliders

Homeowners are getting attracted to the horizontal slider because of the ease of use they find in moving them. Besides this, the design horizontal sliders are perfect for modern homes. They are also common in the usage for the installation in the bathroom. The horizontal sliders move left or right side depending upon the preferences of the homeowners. They are also considered perfect for small homes or the rooms with fewer areas as they do not cover up much space since they slide left or right without taking the space of opening it inside of the home. In the market, they are also given the name of double sliders that maximize the air solution.

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Circle Top Windows

One of the most trending style and decorative design for the windows these days among the homeowners is the circle top windows. These windows comprise of the circle on the top, however, it is a semi-circle for letting the light in. The more light in the room offers more depth giving a sense of wideness to the homeowners. Nonetheless, it is mostly installed in the front door which provides the perfect first impression to the homeowners and potential buyers resulting in the raising the worth of your home. However, the budget of the circle top windows is higher which makes it difficult for the homeowners to install it under the budget.

 Bay or Bow Windows

The interior space of the home gets extended with the installation of bay or bow windows in your home. The reason behind it is that they open up on the exterior side of the home. The structure of bay windows contains three parts which include the fixed or stationary window in the center and casement window on both sides of the middle part. However, bow windows are little different that comprises of at least 4 equal sized panes of windows. Both of these types of windows can be installed in the kitchen for providing the aesthetic exterior view from the kitchen. Apart from casement windows, there are other options like double hung windows for the side parts.


For the rooms where the light is an issue due to the structure of the home, skylights offer the best solution to the homeowners in this regard. Moreover, it can also provide an excellent view of the sky in the night time. Due to the attractive viewpoint, it enhances the worth of your home. In the summer, your home will have a great ventilation level which lowers down the energy bills to save you some costs. If you are wondering about the storms, then the sensor installation can automatically close these skylights. Although at the night time, skylights prove to be a great addition but in summer during the day time they can be responsible for heating up the room.

Window Walls

If the goal is to maximize the light and view from the inside of the home then it would be ideal for the homeowners to have floor to ceiling windows. Windows walls provide the luxury to the homeowners to have an airy openness such as a sunroom by connecting the indoor to an exterior portion of the home. The glass room in any home has a warm feeling despite the weather outside. Therefore, it can be used for the kid’s activities and for the family gathering and gym activities to the homeowners. They can serve as internal separators of space.

The windows in any home do not only provide fresh air or increase the ventilation level of the interior portion. However, it also adds to the aesthetic view of the home both from inner side or exterior view of the home. Windows in the home have an utmost impact of the curb appeal of the home that in the end affects the value of the home.

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