Local Handyman or General Contractor, Who to Call for Your Home Repairs?

local handyman

There are a lot of home repair projects that you can do by your self. However, even the savviest DIYers sometimes require the assistance of local handyman or contractor for their home maintenances.

There are many problems in the home like loosen banisters, leaking faucets, damaged steps, or the doors which will not close properly can be extremely frustrating for homeowners. Now, what you should do? Call a local handyman or contact with a contractor? Both offer a variety of services and deciding on the right option is very tricky. The key factor in determining which one to call depends a lot on the type of job you want to be done. So, to make matter simple, here we will discuss what you should do to tackle your home repairs.

local handyman

1. Assess the Situation

The most important thing to do before making any decision is to assess the situation. What is the problem and how serious it is? Contractors charge good money and you should make this decision after checking all possibilities. Similarly, for an issue that requires professionals, a local handyman will not be a good choice and the issue can get even worse. So, it is very important for you to assess the problem wisely and then talk to the relative person.

2. Check Legal Requirements

Depending on the type of home repairs, you can hire a local handyman or a contractor. However, the first thing to look for is whether they are licensed or not. Licensing means they have passed the required exams, meet the criteria to prove reasonable competency in trade and can complete home repairs in accordance with the state regulations.

local handyman

3. State Regulations

It is mandatory in some states to acquire a licensed contractor to do a certain job that exceeds a certain amount. For example, in California, a licensed contractor is mandatory if the work including the labor and materials exceeds $500. So, knowing the rules and regulations is very important before handing over your job. You can face fines or there can be problems with the insurance issue in the future.

4. When to Call Local Handyman

A reputed handyman offers a variety of services. However, they are best suited for minor repairs. When you cannot take on home repair by your self, handyman becomes handy. Secondly, there are a number of repairs like fixing a leaking faucet, unclogging the drains, repairing a broken window, or many other things like that don’t require a specialist contractor. Your local handyman has the right tools and right skills to manage all these.

local handyman

5. When to Call a Contractor

General contractors provide services for a variety of larger and specific tasks. From a homeowners point of view, it is sensible to hire a general contractor for a specific job like waterproofing your roof, masonry projects, electrical or specific plumbing works. As the contractors carry large insurance policies, it is safer working with them as compared to a handyman.

6. How Does a Handyman Charge?

Handyman charges in different ways. They normally charge by the hour, however, they can offer you a flat rate by the job. Some may charge for the travel time and some can ask for markup on parts they buy for you. So, when making an estimate, there is something important you should know.

local handyman

By the Hour

A handyman working independently will normally charge you $50 to $60 an hour on average. It can change according to the areas.

By the Job

Similarly, there are some jobs that are charged on a flat rate. These include larger jobs like installing a chandelier, mounting a TV in your room, replacing a toilet, or other things like that.


Different jobs do have complications and unforeseen issues. So, having a flat rate for a job is better. For example, if a flat rate for a job is decided $200 and due to some issues it takes 4 hours to complete, you are paying $50 per hour. Whereas, on an hourly basis, you will have to pay more.

7. Size of A Job

Size of your job will decide the time it will take and the amount you will have to pay. So, discuss your job with the handyman in details to establish the price. We have categorized the jobs as follows.

local handyman

Small Jobs

These jobs include simple repairs and installations. Replacing the light switches, repairing a leaking faucet, replacing a thermostat, and other jobs like that are considered small jobs and they take 1 to 2 hours to complete.

Medium Jobs

Jobs that are a bit more complicated can take more time to finish. Repairing drywall, hanging shelves, painting, etc are considered as medium jobs and they can take 2 to 4 hours to complete.

Large Jobs

These are more complicated and time taking jobs that can take form 4 hours to a day to complete. Jobs like wiring a home theater, installing or repairing cooling and heating registers, or installing a kitchen sink with all of the elements are categorized as large jobs. You can acquire the services of a contractor for large jobs.

8. Finding the Right Person

Whether you hire a local handyman or acquire the services of a contractor, selecting the right person for the job is very important. Always take quotations from 2 or 3 people. Check for references as the qualified contractors and professional handymen confidently mention their previous jobs. Check with the people they have worked with and take their views about the work and their professionalism. These things matter a lot. Have every detail in writing. Job details, time to finish the job, materials used, and payment schedule in writing. This will help you a lot in case of any dispute in the future.

local handyman

9. Conclusion

Deciding to call a contractor or acquire the services of a local handyman depend a lot on the nature of the job. There is another problem that most contractors are looking for bigger projects and they are interested in minor home repairs. So, it is better to look for a local handyman who is skilled and reputable. You can call Renovaten who provides the best handyman services to manage your home repairs.



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