Laminate vs Granite Countertops Comparison

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The countertop in any kitchen proves to be the pivotal point of its entire appearance. Its functions cover the working part as well as decoration with a storage option. The countertops are available in a number of materials from which homeowners can choose according to their conditions. However, the two most popular are considered to be laminate and granite. For avoiding your confusion, kitchen contractors have provided the difference in their performances based upon the attributes for which the countertops effectivity is judged.

Appearance Contrast

The natural stone material like granite is available in different shades a composition which gives it a variety of color and pattern. Normally, no two stones can be of the same appearance which gives you a chance to present your personal taste as far as styling is considered. However, it can be a drawback for people looking for a uniform appearance. With contrast to this, laminate countertops are made up of plastic lamented over the wood and has a limited variety in color. In comparison, it provides a classic and regular look which you would want in your uniform kitchen appearance.

Installation & Costs

Granite countertops need a proper analysis of the layout and require almost two weeks for preparing the final product install. Moreover, the overall cost goes up too much higher than that of laminate due to expensive material and professional services. Laminate countertops installation in this regard has an easy and flexible process in which you have the luxury to modify the design according to your choice. Correspondingly, the costs of laminate countertops are less too


Heat Resistance

Probably, the most significant quality of the countertops is how it reacts to heat exposure. Laminate in this regard turns out to be weak and homeowners are advised not to place any hot material over them. However, as the granite is a natural stone, it provides you a non-susceptible surface where heat cannot impact negatively.

Long-Lasting Nature

Granite is a hard material which withstands the test of time and shows resistance to scratches and water effects over the surface. Although, it needs more maintenance than the laminate countertop and you have to hire kitchen contractors for its continuance performance. Laminate although is a delicate material and prone to water damage, but it does not stain. This results in low maintenance requirement but homeowners have to be careful about scratches and water damage.

Value of Your Home

The kitchen is the most prominent aspect in purchasing the home along with a bathroom, granite material gives it a boost due to longevity variety in appearance. Similarly, laminate countertops attract the customer which have a different taste. Therefore, both of them have a high on return on investment which supports homeowners to take the decision of their installation of countertops without any confusion.

From above-mentioned points, it is clear that both materials have their pros and cons, however, you are advised to take the services of professional home improvement contractors in order to avoid any mishap.

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