Is your home making you unhappy? Take a second look at your décor

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When you enter your home today, just pay a little attention to how you are feeling. Did the surroundings make you feel better and inspired? Or have you felt a constant irritation while seeing everything around?

If the latter hits you hard, you need to immediately take a second look at your decor and make some changing in your surroundings.

According to the psychologists, these little things have a big impact on your feelings and emotions.

The wrong paint colors!

Paint colors have a great psychological effect on our mood and habits. For example, some bright shades like red, orange, brown and fiery tones are more stimulating and active. Green and blue colors are relaxing, and off-white, grey and beige colors are neutral.

It’s important to choose the color you love, rather than choosing something trendy which is going against your nature. The decision of choosing the right paint colors also depends on the overall style and design of your home.

Therefore, choose the colors wisely and make sure every color has some positive impact on your feelings and making you feel more active rather than tired and depressed.

Applying heavy drapes:

Heavy, thick and velvet kind of drapes cover your rooms in complete darkness and attract all the dirt & dust of your home. According to the home improvement professionals, the heavier your window treatments, curtains, and furniture is, the heavier your atmosphere feels. Choosing light and decent drapes, and simple furniture would automatically comfort your nerves and you might want to stay and relax in your surroundings after a hectic and tiring day.

Open storage:

Using some extra shelves to place spices, plates and other things is totally fine and in fact, everything looks organized. But when you over-do the things, your place eventually looks disturbed and disorganized. Instead of getting rid of these unnecessary items, people put a lot of tools, and bins at the front area of their shelves which creates clutter and bring on the feelings of anxiety and stress. Therefore, the idea of using open shelves is quite appreciable if you can manage the things wisely.

Missing some indoor plants:

According to several scientific studies, indoor plants in your home environment can help you in lowering blood pressure, reduce your stress levels and have best impacts on your health. Some indoor plants include lilies, orchids, gerbera, aloe vera, and dendrobium can create a fresh and healthy atmosphere and might put positive impacts after a tired and hectic day.

Protecting privacy!

Privacy concerns and different unpleasant views probably spoil your mood, especially if you do not want to interact with the outside world. The solution is to protect your privacy by screening your windows with smart shutter, sheer fabrics, or installation of clever window films.

Lacking abstract art to soothe your nerves:

Abstract art or soothing sceneries eventually put great impacts on your mood, especially when you come home after a tiring and busy day. These sceneries and work of art always work well in your bedroom while you are relaxing at your couch.  Choosing some bold and bright color designs just stimulate your nerves but do not offer much relaxation and comfort. Therefore, it’s better to choose the right patterns or scenes that help you feel calm, joyous and comfortable.

Collections that make you feel displeased!

We feel strong association with some specific collections. It could be the collections of your books, perfumes, coins, bags or anything you once loved but no longer feel any connection with them. And gradually it starts irritating you when you watch them daily. The best way is to remove such things from your areas which are no longer of your use, and, hence creating a mess.

When to get help for major renovations:

Sometimes mini makeovers do not work well, especially if you want to induce big changes in your home. Changing drapes, floor tiles, paint colors and adding different decorative elements is still a good choice which may change the overall appearance of your home.

After applying these changes, if you still think that these are not good enough to change your mood and emotions; then it’s time to take professional help.

By doing this, you would be able to perform some major renovations like changing the design of the staircase, creating a wall in your room or adding new styles to enhance the appearance of roofs.

Before applying these tricks, it’s better to identify the source which is more likely to create a problem and making you unhappy. With that, you would be able to handle the issues more efficiently before they get worse.

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