Is Your Bathroom Remodel Secretly Stressing you out?

bathroom remodel

I have said it before, and I’ll say it again!

I have personally experienced that bathroom remodel is the most stressful project for any homeowner because you must take care of different things that can make or break the look of your space.

It becomes a more surprising source of stress when you have least ideas and knowledge to handle things expertly.

Fortunately, there are thousands of tricks that can add Zen to your beautiful space and make it more comfortable.

Learn what bathroom contractors suggest overcoming your despair and anxiety in the bathroom:

Lack of Storage:

In your tiny bathroom, lack of storage can simply create big troubles. If you don’t have the proper storage, you may find yourself facing an area full of dirt and clutter, which is definitely a well-documented source of your stress.

But I think it doesn’t need to be that way stressful.

You can simply combat stress if you don’t have proper storage space. To overcome this, homeowners should consider adding different spacious drawers and cabinets that can fit your specific needs.

You can even assign a dedicated cabinet for your cosmetics, especially if you are a beauty junkie, or if you have lots of items to put together in one space. This would make the area more organized and well-managed.

Other than that, if you do not have some built-in storage shelves in the shower area, then choosing a bath caddy which simply fits the shower head can be managed for using the extra space for razors, shampoo and hand wash.

Inefficient lighting:

Inefficient lights in your bathroom- can simply make the area look dull and boring. Now whether it’s dark or harsh, it can put a great damper on the mood.

Make sure the lighting is already much efficient and bright so that can you make the areas more enlightened and have comfortable time over there.

According to the bathroom remodel experts, nothing could be more stressful than feeling like you don’t know what you are looking like during the whole day.

It’s also recommended to add a dimmer; it will help you adjust the light depending on the time of your day. Putting the light on each source such as shower, mirror, vanities, toilet areas can help you feel more comfortable while doing everything in the morning.

Color of the walls:

Addition of a fresh paint coat is usually considered to be a cheap way that can simply make a dramatic difference in your bathroom space.

According to studies done by home renovation contractors, there is a connection between red which simply increases your heart rate and blood pressure.

So, if you have painted a bold shade of orange in your bathroom, then you might need to switch to the calm blue shades.

The right color scheme can help you make the area look cozy and warm, and you might want to spend more time in your comfort zone.

Now it doesn’t mean that you should only consider neutral shades, you can also give a try to some dark colors which match to your interiors as well.

Choosing white-on-white bathrooms is also an elegant choice. But today, homeowners also consider the patterned and graphics wallpapers like deep lush green tiles in high gloss or dark black painted ceiling which enhance the overall appearance of your space.

Wall hardware:

If your towel bar is simply 10 feet from the shower and also hanging on the back of your bathroom décor, then ultimately you are setting yourself up for the stress while taking shower.

That’s the reason, home improvement contractors prefer making different functional improvements to the bathroom space which might make the bathroom routine comfortable and relaxing.

If you will hang bath towels within the arm length of your shower, then you don’t need to run to any other end of your area while soaking wet to grab your towel. You can also install the hook next to your shower.

Other than that, if you are reaching awkwardly to grab the toilet paper, you should move that holder to the other side of the towel. You can even use the free-standing holder for toilet paper. You also need to make sure that your toilet papers are easily within the range of your sink. These sorts of minor changes can simply move a long way toward putting you at much ease in the future.

The temperature:

Probably, bathrooms are not the most ventilated rooms in the house, especially if own an older and damaged house. Those broken tiles and walls ultimately create the feelings of tiredness and you don’t even want to stay longer in such a dirty and crappy place.

It also seems like an unpleasant start of the day which can affect your mood. In most of those homes, cold floors are the biggest problem that makes homeowners to rethink the remodeling decisions.

To avoid that situation, you can choose floor heating as well as the towel warmers that will ensure that it won’t be cold after you get out of the shower.

Moreover, if you are an ambitious homeowner like me, then I would suggest you try under-floor heating. It is a simple DIY project which will also help you in the planning and installation of new tiles.

Otherwise, you can also approach home improvement contractors for applying best changes to transform the shape of your area. I believe nothing could easily change the shape of your bathroom if you are not committed to bringing minor changes to the area.

That’s why making a well-informed decision can simply make your spaces more comfortable and convenient and you can spend some pleasant time after a hectic day. Now that’s not the only thing which matters for homeowners but making these remodeling changes also help them increase the resale value of their home.

They can offer a much higher price in the future by having advanced and trendy changes that can enhance the overall worth of their home.

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