Insanely Crazy Ideas for Home Improvement

home improvement ideas

We have all got some sort of tips and ideas to design our dream home. Some people got to have a big swimming pool, while others want a high-tech kitchen and bathroom. Some people prefer to integrate natural elements, and some prefer to add a unique touch with an artistic approach. But today, trends have changed people are also looking to have some crazy surroundings without being heavy on budget.

Here are some crazy ideas that can offer a completely unique and dazzling look to your interiors;

Installing evolution door:

Probably, this is one of the coolest inventions in the home improvement industry. Instead of using a single panel attached to the frame by double hinges, the unique Evolution Door can simply fold into the four triangular sections which can collapse in on themselves and then turn round before straightening back up into the rectangle section. Its installation is complicated, as it needs a proficient knowledge and expertise of home renovation contractors who can understand the complexities better than everyone else.

evolution door

Turn your stairs into a slide!                            

Stairs are fun! Yes, that’s true, especially if you have kids in the home, then turning your staircase into a slide would be a highly appreciable element to engage them. This is a most playful feature which could enhance the structure of your home as well as increase the worth of the property.

slide staircase

Invisible bookshelf- defy the gravity

You would love the idea of installing invisible bookshelf, especially if you are a book lover or a decoration enthusiast. The way this bookshelf work is by simply using some bottom hardcover book that will conceal the shelves. And the end result will look like all the stacked books are floating in the air.

invisible bookshelf

Hidden passageways- good for hide & seek

Today, most of the passageways have discretely built into modern homes in the US. From underground cellars to attics, people are choosing to design their living spaces with a lot of concealed nooks to ensure a getaway, and to take their home improvement to the next level. For kids, it can be used as an ultimate hiding spot as well.

hidden passageways

Sunken living rooms, with extra elegance

Sunken living rooms have continued to become an extremely popular choice; particularly some open-concept houses are much trendy. Thus, choosing a sunken living room will simply offer you the chance to create a sense of separation within an open environment.  That’s the reason; homeowners tend to create such a comfortable living room which adds an extra elegance to the home.

sunken living rooms

Aquarium bed- sleep with fishes 

This looks like another amazing spot for the fish tank. While waking up in the morning, you might think that you are also drowning. This must be the most innovative and unique addition to your bedroom which would eventually give you long hours of sleep. Moreover, it offers you a beautiful entertainment and peace of mind.

aquarium bed

Let’s apply these crazy ideas to transform the look of your house, as giving a makeover always provide comfort, convenience, and restfulness. Probably, this is not possible without the help of best local contractors as they can suggest you some more unique ideas to consider with right implementation.

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