HVAC System Features to Notice in any Home


In past few months, it has been noticed that homeowners prefer to find a home that has best kitchen features, interior and outdoor fixtures and have perfect floor conditions. However, these are not the only elements that can enhance the appearance of your home. Choosing a perfect HVAC system is also an important need.

Therefore, here I will guide you on what features you should notice to have a perfect heating and cooling system while purchasing your home.

The design and type of ductwork

The structure and design of ducts should be balanced and according to the architecture of the homes. Otherwise, numerous issues will be raised with time. The ducts installed from outside are found to be the most well organized. The flexible type of ducts is regarded as the risky ones.

Location of the indoor unit

Indoor units are advised to be installed near the floor level which makes them easy to access and does not produce much damage if any leakage happens. Contrary to that, the indoor ac installed on the roof have several threats on the ceilings and walls of the room. You should have a second option in mind related to the condensation.

Location of the outdoor unit

The outdoor unit placing should be done while keeping its maintenance and noise in mind. It is suggested not to place it where its noise is heard by the people living in the home. Also, the option of placing it on the side of the bedroom window is strictly prohibited by HVAC system experts.


A filter drier

If you install a filter drier in the liquid line of your AC system, then it will help you in long run. It will extend the life of the compressor in indoor unit quite efficiently. It prevents dust and other grit to enter in the working system of the air conditioner.

The condenser (outside) coil type

Homes having coil installed which are made up of single metal are durable and efficient in nature. These type of coils are most commonly used in the areas where the environment is mildly corrosive. Similarly,  coated coils are suggested to be installed where salt spray is seen.

Air-filter location

The air filters should be located where homeowners have easy access. These air filters in usually require replacement after about three to four months have been passed out. Hence, the location of these air filters must be comfortable for the homeowners.

Return-air considerations

To have a pleasant environment in the interior portion of your home, there should be a system for condensed air to enter and leave the room. If there is no passage for the already present air then it will be hard to sit as it will become too humid. The installation of transfer grilles or jump ducts is recommended in this case.

AC Contractors

It is going to be a great decision to consult with HVAC professionals before you purchase any home so that later on there is no issue of ventilation or cooling system.

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