How to Select Hardwood Flooring For Your Home

Hardwood Flooring

The decision of choosing right flooring is hardest. Flooring almost underpins every other thing present in the home. There are unlimited options in flooring, but the most acknowledged one is hardwood flooring. Most people find it hard to choose the right product. There are many factors involved in selecting a flooring type that is graceful and elegant.

Select Solid Wood Material

Although, hardwood is available in its original solid form all over the world. Still, some companies sell engineered form of it made up of planks. This engineered product restricts the natural movement of wood. It is difficult to refinish in the future because their top layers are very thin and weak. The solid hardwood flooring is quieter in nature and has a pleasant feel beneath the foot.

Hardwood Flooring

Choose Pre-finished or Site Finish Product

To have the proper knowledge about the product you are purchasing then always select the wood which in unfinished. You can get it easily done through professional contractors before or after the installation. However, it is recommended to go for prefinished flooring as it saves time. It does not require any sealant or color. The site finish, in contrast, provides customization opportunity to the homeowners which attract them a lot.

Choose the Type of Finish

The type of finishing which is done to hardwood flooring is very important for its appearance. Mainly, there are two types of finishing: oil or polyurethane. Oil finishing is generally referred to as very soft and natural but is liable to stains and damaging. Polyurethane finishing, on the other hand, provides strength to the floor and is resistant to wear and tear under any circumstances. Take the decision according to your home conditions.

Hardwood Flooring

Wood Types

Look for oak wood if you want to have a durable hardwood flooring installed in your room or living area. It comprises of natural grain and is resistant to stains. Also, it is easily available too. The white oak is mostly popular because of its better designing. Another type of wood that is popularly known as “walnut” is bit soft and has a darker natural color. It is utilized in places where a deep finishing is required. The choice of wood entirely depends on your taste.

Size of the Planks

In recent times, the size of the planks used in the hardwood flooring has exceeded the previous standards. Generally, it depends upon the size and expense spent upon the rooms. Previously, the size of the plank was used to be 2-3 inches but now it has grown up to 5-6. The wider the planks, more will be its price.

Find the best Flooring Contractors in the United States

Choose your features of hardwood flooring with full intention and according to your requirements. You can also take guidance from the experienced pros in the field.

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