How to Secure Your Sliding Glass Doors for Home Security?

sliding glass doors

There is nothing like sliding glass doors due to their wide expense of glass for letting in sunshine and showcasing views of your beautiful garden and backyard. You can enjoy the warmth of the sun even in cold winter days.

Sliding glass doors have a lot of benefits. The sleekness of the glass blends brilliantly with any décor and architectural style of your home. They are very popular and prevalent in most contemporary homes. The beautiful sliding glass doors can extend your room’s ambiance by helping brighten up the room and provide unobstructed views both from the outside and inside. They not only add a lot to the beauty quotient for your home but also a perfect feature for houses facing a space issue as sliding doors take little space while opening.

sliding glass doors

Sliding doors have some disadvantages when it comes to the security of your home. Here we will discuss in detail so that you can have a well-informed decision regarding sliding glass doors.

1. Simple Latches

Sliding doors have simple latches that hook into the door frame with a hook. They are generally operated by the small lever and are very easy to open. So, a burglar can easily bypass these locks by jiggling the door. This is quite concerning for the homeowners who want to have these doors in their homes.

What You Should Do?

As the inbuilt latches of a sliding glass door are quite weak, you can reinforce security by adding an extra lock to your door. There is a wide range of heavy duty locks available in the market that can be installed on the top or bottom of your door. Choose hardened steel locks and its strong structure will make it difficult for any burglar to break the lock and sneaked into your home. The installation of this lock is very easy and only a few tools are required.

2. Sliding Doors are Often Hidden

Mostly, the glass sliding doors are placed in the back or side of the house near the patio or deck. Therefore, they are not visible from the street. Similarly, people put fences near their doors to have privacy. However, it prevents your neighbors to see if someone is trying to break into your home through your door.

What You Should Do?

Besides having a proper lock, you should add an alarm to your door as it will immediately let you know if your door has been breached. There are also a lot of door alarms available. Choose the alarm with high sound. These alarms are again very easy to install and their sound alone will be sufficient to scare an intruder. It can immediately notify you that there is something wrong and you can take preventive actions.

3. People Can See From the Outside Too

The benefit of the sliding glass door is to let the light and beautiful views of your backyard into your home. However, this can be a disadvantage too. They create a clear view of your indoor from the outside. People can see clearly exactly what you have inside your home and it can attract burglars to target your home.

sliding glass doors

What You Should Do?

You can apply special one-way film sheets to your doors that will allow you to look out but won’t let outsiders look into your home. It will protect your specific home details and valuables to be on display. It is very easy to apply and if you remove it, it will not leave any residue on the glass. It is also a great solution for people who don’t want to install costly blinds and drapers.

4. Glass Doors are Easy to Break

There are always two sides to everything. As the glass doors are an ideal thing to brighten up your room with the warm sunlight, they are not as strong as a door made of wood or steel. Thieve can easily get into your home by breaking the glass panels. Breaking the glass panels is difficult and there is more chance of being noticed, but it is a weakness that the burglars can exploit. Secondly, tempered glass is specially treated so that it doesn’t break into large pieces. It shatters into small pieces with soft edges and the burglar can pass easily.

sliding glass doors

What You Should Do?

You should use impact or laminated glass in your doors. Laminated glass is made by the fusion of a special PVB sheet between different pieces of glass. So, if someone breaks the glass, the PVB sheet will remain intact and it will hold the glass from shattering completely. The only way to get into the home will be to cut the sheet. It will require an extra tool and more time will be required. So, it can discourage the burglar to break in as there are more chances of getting caught. Impact resistant glass is also a great option as they are designed to withstand hurricane winds and objects thrown at the glass. They are very difficult to break and hence has a better chance against a burglar.

5. Do It Yourself or Hire a Professional

There are a lot of things that you can do by yourself. However, your home safety and security is not a thing to be taken lightly. So, it is strongly suggested to take the help of professionals when you are planning to secure your home from unwanted persons. A professional can guide you to have the best locks, alarms, and the type of glass for your doors. Similarly, the installation process is also very important and a professional will be the best choice to have everything in the right place.

6. Conclusion

Sliding glass doors are an amazing feature to have in your home. You can enjoy the ample natural light and the stunning evening views of your backyard. There are some setbacks of having these doors, however, it is possible to reinforce the security and make it quite difficult for the burglars to break into your home. Go through the problems and the solutions mentioned above and decide which improvement you need to beep up the security of your sliding glass door.

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