How To Renovate Your Roof Tiles For Better Exterior Looks

Get roof tile renovation by local roofing contractors

The roof is the main overhead layer of our house that not only protects the house but it is also responsible for giving the house a beautiful look. When it comes to renovation of the roof tiles, sometimes only minor changes are required like replacing a few tiles or getting the roof cleaned up. If you are up for a complete makeover, there are a lot of points you should keep in mind.

These important points will help you in renovating your roof tiles in a better way:

Plan According To Your Budget

Budget is one of the important aspects that will determine how far you can go with the renovation. It will give you a brief idea about the options of roof tiles that will fit according to your budget. For instance, Natural Welsh slates are the most expensive option. Similarly, Clay tiles are the most commonly used roof tiles and fall in the mid-range. They are relatively easy to install and maintain. It is better to consult local roofing contractors as they can guide you better in order to take the decision of selecting roof tile according to the requirements.

Know The Material

The roof is a very delicate area of the home during a construction project. Before you choose the roof tiles, an important point that you should consider is to know the materials used in the construction of your home and tiles. Some tiles are heavier in weight and if you don’t properly calculate the weight and balancing dimensions, it could be chaotic. This research will prevent any damage to your home and you’ll eventually get the right roof tiles that are safe and light in weight.

Get The Solar Tiles

Saving energy has become a necessity these days and solar panels are the best solution for this. But, mounting solar panels on the roof could be tiring and an expensive task. So, why not integrate two needs into one product? The trendy solution to both these needs is to install solar roof tiles. They give a modern look to your house while protecting the roof and saving your costs on energy consumption.

Painting The Roof Tiles

The paint of the roof tiles fades away with time due to weather changes and direct exposure to sunlight. It is better to get them painted once in a while to give them a fresh look. It will also help you get the roof cleaned up from any molds or debris. For this purpose, latex paints over oil-based primers can be used. Make sure the weather has no precipitation and windy forecast for a day. Unless you have all the tools to safely paint it, it is recommended to call in a professional.

The Alternative Solutions

Renovating the roof tiles is an expensive task. By analyzing your needs and budget, you should choose the best option. However, if your budget is not letting you choose the conventional roof tiles, you can go for concrete tiles. Although they are cheaper in price, they weigh far more than any other option. Moreover, an even better solution is to go for Fibre-cement tiles. They are light in weight, easy to install, and maintain.

Roofing Contractors

Roof tiles are the best solution to make your roof safer and give it an aesthetic feel. However, the material of tiles must be checked with the other structural parameters for a durable renovation. A budget-friendly approach should be made as there are plenty of options available in the market. You can hire professional home improvement contractors as they have better knowledge and can guide you in the right direction for choosing the best roof tiles for your home.

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