How to Make a Flat Roof Have a Pitch?

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Homeowners with flat roof may feel that their home appearance lacks the required stylish touch from outside. For this, the decision to add pitch over a flat structured roof would prove to be a great idea. It creates more attic space and improves the look of your home. However, you need to follow the local building codes for these purposes to avoid any kind of legal issue in the future. To complete the project successfully, you should perform the following functions or steps according to the home renovation contractors.

1. Measure the Roof Span and Pitch

First of all, make sure that your top priority should be to have the proper measurement of the roof to comfortably decide where the roof peak will exist. Normally, it is done from one top plate of the roof to the next. It is of high significance because, through it, the one can officially make estimates of the materials and the overall costs spent upon the project.

2. Re-Sheath Roof

For this, the old roofing material has to be removed from both outsides and of interior area. After this new roof trusses have to be added with the correct attachments for perfect balance. Some of the times, roofers utilize the old roof sheathing for this. However, it is suggested to replace old roof sheathings for better results.

 home renovation contractors

3. Install the new material

In the end, the sloped roofing system should be installed with all the required materials. Generally, the features used for replacing the material include tile, rubber or composite. Apart from this, set the tar paper under the roof to achieve the perfect equilibrium. Moreover, select the fasteners according to the roofing type of your home.

Things You’ll Need

When you are looking to add pitch to your flat roof then it means that you are going to modify the whole style and look of your roof. Therefore, you need to be equipped with proper equipment and have full knowledge of the materials required to complete the job. The home renovation contractors recommend the following set of things to successfully complete the job.

Tar paper, Plywood, Bridging material

Flat shover or ice pick, Roofing material, Roofing nails

Saws, Crowbar, Measuring tape, Pre-manufactured roof trusses

Why You Should do this?

There are particularly three reasons to make your flat roof have a pitch:

  • In rainy areas, homeowners have to face ponding water problems over their roof. It also weakens the structure over the roof. However, the pinched roof provides the perfect space to avoid ponding water.
  • The materials utilized in the sloped roofing system are quite energy efficient in nature. For instance, metal keeps your energy bills down if installed in the roof.
  • As earlier discussed, it enhances the look of your home which in turns raises its value and attracts the potential buyers.

Apart from this, you should also look for its disadvantages to make the right decisions for your home. However, quality roofing expert hiring would enable you to solve these problems. Therefore, spend your money by doing careful planning to have the desired results.

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