How to Keep Your Floor Protected During a Renovation Project?

floor protection

Your home is a peaceful and sacred place where you spend time with your family and friends. However, the scenario changes completely when you start a renovation. The walls suddenly disappear, things get demolished, strange people come and go and your sacred place becomes some sort of a battleground. There will be dust and debris everywhere. However, one drawback that is very expensive and embarrassing is if your charming and solid hardwood floors get damaged. It will be a nightmare scenario.

If you have ever damaged your floors during a renovation, you better know how additional costs of floor repairs can ruin your budget. Now, to avoid such a disaster to happen, home remodeling professionals strongly suggest to lay down proper flooring protection before any type of renovation work in your home.

Let us see what you should do to protect your beloved carpet, tiles, laminate, or costly hardwood floors.

1. Your Beloved Carpets

Carpet is a very soft and stylish flooring material and if left unprotected, the renovation will ruin it. The ideal solution to protect your carpet is to have carpet mask. Carpet mask is plastic sheeting that is sticky on one side. It is very easy to install material and you don’t have to acquire services of flooring contractors to lay it down. It will protect your valuable carpets from heavy foot traffic, dust, and debris.

floor protection2. Outside Matters Too

You can catch the dust and debris before it even enters your home simply by using trap mats on your doorways. Trapmats are tacky mats that can trap and remove dust and debris from the foot and wheeled traffic. It is a very cost-effective way to capture work dust and debris and it will relieve you from repeated cleanings of the nonworking areas. Lay these trap mats directly onto any clean surface. You can remove them easily and it will not affect the floor below.

3. Expensive Hardwood Floors

If you have wooden floors in your home, you know the horrible sinking feeling when you find scratches on your floor. Wooden surfaces are more prone to get damaged during renovation work. Thankfully there are a number of solutions available that can protect your costly hardwood floors. You can avoid any damage to your floors by applying paper-based, eco-friendly protector made from breathable material. It will protect your floor from heavy foot traffic, construction and building work.floor protection

4. Sleek and Stylish Tiles

Tiles are considered as a highly durable and scratch-resistant flooring material. However, when there is renovation going on, any mishap can damage your tiles. Flooring contractors recommend tile protection sheets during a construction or renovation work. Traditionally, plaster of Paris was used to protect the tiles. However, it is quite tiresome to apply and remove and it can even cause damage to the tiles during removal. So, the ideal solution is to have tile protection sheet or roll. It will prevent damage to the tiles while keeping them clean and hygienic.

floor protection5. Isolate The Work Area

You can simply isolate the work area to contain dust and debris from damaging your floors. Create a barrier or a partition with plastic sheets and you can keep the dust and debris to the work zone. There are numerous options available in the market which are very easy to install. You will just need minutes to assemble such a partition and it will take most of your worries away.

6. What Floor Protection Options You Have?

Your floor protection options depend a lot on the type of renovation you are planning. If you are expecting a lot of dust and debris in the future, temporary floor coverings will serve the purpose. However, if you are planning major renovations and your floor can face forceful hits and large amounts of weights, you will have to invest in something more durable. Here is an overview of some of the floor protection materials.floor protection

Ram Board

It offers excellent floor protection for a number of renovation projects. These solutions are highly affordable and can be ordered in any size. It is easy to use and very durable material. Another great benefit of these boards is that you can reuse them again and again which makes them even more cost-effective.

Masonite Floor Protection

Masonite is another extremely durable and easy to install option for your floor protection. It is quite dense and highly flexible floor protection material. There are a variety of floor protection products in the market that contains masonite. These come in large rolls and you can lay them very easily without any type of professional help. It does not require special tools and techniques.

Plastic Floor Protection

When you have to protect your carpets, vinyl tiles, or any non-wood surface, plastic floor protection will serve as the great alternative to ram board or masonite. These surface protection film can cover your floor completely, offering steady protection for the entire room. They are also extremely inexpensive. You can have transparent films for your floors and you can see your floors during work.

There are many reasons why you may need to protect your floors. Depending on the type of construction, tools, and type of materials used, you can use anything like paper, cardboard, or plastic to protect your floors. Talking to a professional flooring contractor is strongly recommended as he can suggest you the right kind of floor protection that will keep your floors safe and secure throughout the duration of your renovation.

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