How to Install Replacement Windows Like a Pro

replacement windows

Are you facing issues with your windows such as leakage of water and air through them? If so, the idea is to simply replace the windows.

The article here discusses all the steps and precautions during the process of installing replacement windows.

Remove the old window

replacement windows

It depends upon the category of the window to remove it from which side internal or external. However, start from trim around the window and safely remove it. Then move onto the window panels and lift them out. Similarly slowly remove the shims and untighten the screws before taking them out too. In the end, take off the frame.

Prepare the opening for Replacement windows 

Window opening - Renovaten

First of all gently clean the vinyl of approx 9″ around the window. Make it sure that the remaining objects are cleaned and if not then remove the debris before going further. Since you are preparing the opening for installing replacement windows, the condition of the sill upon the surface is highly significant. If it does not slope evenly to the exterior then remodel it according to the condition.

Position and install the window

Positioning and Installing windows - Renovaten

To install the window, Start with silicone caulk by placing it around the window and sill and after that position the window right in the opening. Protect it by depositing shims from the interior side. To check whether the window is installed at the perfect level, examine the diagonal of it from the side by side. If it isn’t par according to your satisfaction then level it with shims from the interior side. Start nailing the nail fins from outside by going from lower to the upper side. At the end remove the sticking out shims.

Insulate the window from the inside

replacement windows

Install carefully fiberglass insulation around the window and place a neoprene backer rod tightly around the window for this purpose.

Waterproof the window

Waterproof the windows - Renovaten

Cover all the sides of windows by installing a self-adhesive membrane. OCver each side of the membrane. Add sheathing tape on the surface of the membrane. After that, pull the air barrier towards the downside and glue the supplementary air-barrier on the nailing fin under the window.

Reinstall the exterior cladding

replacement windows

Now move onto the addition of exterior cladding which you have removed at first place. First, measure and examine the window from each side. Trim the molding from the lower part of the window. Similarly, trim a 1″ notch on all sides of the nailing flange to the portion that is placed on the window sill without affecting the window front. Fasten the molding below all the overhangs by keeping the focus on leaving  1″ everywhere. For the rainwater exclusion process, tight the upper molding bands into the notches of the lower moldings. In the end, cover exterior frames and nail heads by placing the caulk made up of silicon. Now, gently add the vinyl cladding over it.

Install the interior window trim

Interior window trim - Renovaten

Only some of the steps are required to successfully install these interior trims. In case you are finding it difficult to complete this process yourself then you can contact contractors ready to complete window remodeling jobs 24/7.

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