How to apply a monochromatic theme to your house?

monochromatic theme

How to apply a monochromatic theme to your house?

Using different color combinations to design a unique space is a fun thing to do, which makes your house look incredible and increase the resale value of your home as well. However, sometimes using creative ideas and applying simplicity makes a perfect balance in your lifestyle.

Therefore, the idea of choosing monochromatic color themes always give an incredible look if used correctly. They usually work well for modern homes.

The use of minimalist and sleek interiors now becoming the most popular choice among different homeowners; thus, monochromatic color themes offer several useful benefits.

Monochromatic style for your interiors:

Monochromatic color themes usually translate to a single color. But when it comes to home decoration, you can use monochromatic shades and tones of one color and apply it over to your interiors.

For more dramatic effects, if you have applied a grey tone in your living room, then using some complimentary shades of black and white would ultimately create a decent look and give a monochromatic look to your interiors.

Is the monochromatic style trendy?

Today most of the people love to choose bright and bold colors. So, sticking to just one color might be boring for them. Some people even assume using one color could be unappealing, overwhelming and might spoil the look of their interiors.

However, you need to be very careful before applying monochromatic shades because sometimes using single color would make your areas boring and unattractive. And the overall space would have bad impacts on your mood and lifestyle and you might want to take a second look at your decoration. That’s the reason people consult with interior designers and home renovation contractors for more advanced ideas and suggestions.

Here are a couple of ideas you can apply the monochromatic theme to your interiors:

  • Create a balance with neutral shades:

According to the expert group of renovation contractors, it’s totally a myth of using different variations of one color throughout your areas to give a monochromatic touch. You can even try using a primary color for monochromatic variations. After that, you can try balancing it with some percentage of neutral shades. Some colors go well off-white and grey, while dark shades look best with the same family of light colors.Play with bolder shades:

Today many homeowners feel more comfortable with using neutral shades while decorating their homes in a monochromatic theme. You can easily manage the harmony of your home. But choosing some bolder shades like pink, blue and yellow can give some amazing results too.

Choosing the shades from a bold side of the color wheel would probably add some refreshing touch to your rooms. Bold monochromatic colors are also the best mood boosters.

  • Using unique patterns:

People love to apply different textures to enhance the look of their interiors. Similarly, patterns also brighten up your overall monochromatic theme. If you like to use the neutral color themes other than the selected monochrome shade, then this wouldn’t be much difficult to establish. For instance, if you feel more comfortable to use plain bedding in your bedroom, then you can pick some patterned style as well for giving a more artistic look. Similarly, using cushions, curtains, carpets or even the wall art can be used to fulfill the purpose of applying patterns.

  • Use sophisticated hues:

If you want to create a little more ambiance to your areas, then it’s better to choose some sophisticated and simpler shades. Using beige, grey, white and light brown shades are good to apply for a simpler look. Your aim is to keep the interiors look simple yet decent, not funky. Therefore, it’s also better to make it look interesting by using different textures. For example, wood will simply add a durable and comfortable touch to your room. Similarly, there are different textiles that can create a nicer and attractive look.

Hopefully, you have got clear ideas about monochromatic styles in your home. So, if you are looking for a more harmonious touch for certain areas of your house, then do not feel shy about designing them in the same styles.

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