Home improvement projects you should tackle- According to your Zodiac sign

home improvement zodiac signs

Home improvement projects you should tackle- According to your Zodiac sign

Homeowners prefer to consult with contractors and interior designers for carrying out different home improvement projects. However, the trend is little changed these days. Today many people also refer to zodiac experts as they believe the suggestions of these experts can prove to be lucky for their home.

They say, “The best kind of home improvement project to focus on is already written out there in the universe.” It means all you need to do is figure out what your zodiac sign suggests you before applying any new idea.

Here we have consulted with zodiac sign experts and what they revealed is mentioned below:

Aquarius (Jan 20- Feb 18)- Update your old appliances

Aquarians do not prefer to stay in a house with some old, boring and outdated appliances in their living room, kitchen or bathroom.

According to Alexander; “Aquarians always live on the cutting edge, they are the first to upgrade their house with some innovative and advanced appliances.”

Aquarians are highly environmentally conscious people. They prefer to invest in some energy-efficient appliances, perhaps solar panels, thermal windows & doors, and even the wind-powered generator. After making such changes, they live a more stress-free life and simply feel more comfortable & relaxing.

old appliancesPisces (Feb 19-March 20)- Create a peaceful corner at your house

Pisces are big daydreamers and love to read different interesting books. They always prefer finding a dedicated spot so they could enjoy reading and daydreaming in a peaceful place.

These people simply love some cozy nooks and areas where they can meditate their nerves with fantasy and run away from the reality for some time. That’s why they can create a special corner or a window seat at some area of their house. Decorate this corner with books, novels, vases, and trendy lights to give a more charming look.

Aries (March 21- April 19)- Build a stylish bookshelf

The Aries people don’t prefer to spend their weekends on hectic remodeling projects. They want something that can be easily done in just a few hours. Adding a bookshelf is something that can give your room a highly refreshing touch and it won’t even take too long to finish.

Aries prefer those tasks which can be tackled in just a few hours. Also, they do not mind some physically challenging tasks unless they are hopeful to see positive consequences.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)- Outdoor remodeling

Taurus loves to spend most of their time outside the house. They are more concerned to embellish the outside look than inside.  The reason is, they love to spend peaceful moments in their deck or patio and love seeing greenery and colorful plants.

People born with this sign have a strong affinity with Earth. They prefer to be surrounded by the beauty of nature. So, when it comes to home remodeling, they love to decorate their exteriors with plants, railing planters, flowers, vases, lawn furniture, and even make outdoor kitchens to enjoy cooking under the sun.

Gemini (May 21 to June 21)- Add colorful wallpapers

Walls is probably a focal point of every room. It can either give a decent or a funky look to your areas. Being a Gemini, I have experienced this thing a lot. I love colors, and the walls displaying colorful pictures, wallpapers and paintings have an extraordinary look which has a big impact on the nerves.  Geminis always appreciate decorated walls, and the best way to give a décor is to add a beautiful and colorful wallpaper.

Gemini’s couldn’t concentrate properly, they have a busy mind, they constantly think something about. That’s why they do not only prefer to add colors to their life but also to their house. Boring is not even associated with a Gemini personality, they always like something extraordinary for their walls to keep them amused.

colorful wallpapersCancer (June 22- July 22)- Repaint your front door

According to a famous Astrologer, a bright and colorful coat of paint on the front door is the best mini makeover that every Cancer loves.

People born with this sign loves fresh and appealing entrances. And if their entry passage is boring and dull, they automatically feel more annoying. In order to give a color to the entrance, its better to repaint the front door with some fresh color, like yellow, red, green or even black. You can further adorn the area by applying attractive lights, and beautiful planters beside the door.

Leo (July 23rd to Aug 22nd)- Spruce up the fireplace

For Leo, the fireplace is the heart of their home as they have a fire element in their horoscope. So, they always prefer such things in their surroundings.

A working and a bigger fireplace are the most important thing to have in their house. If you are a Leo, you can consider adding an attractive mantel or refinish the present one. Fix the cracked bricks and mortar to give a more special look to your area.

fireplace remodelingVirgo (Aug 23rd to Sep 22nd)- Prefer major renovations

Virgo personalities love to put little details on their home improvement projects. They do not bother a single error in their project. Like if they have started a dining room restoration project, they would enhance the look of each accessory by spending lots of money.

If they are touching up the hairline cracks in their ceiling, they must bring a perfectionist touch to their project. If you are a Virgo and think your kitchen needs a complete renovation, then it’s better to communicate with kitchen contractors first as they can guide better about adding kitchen counter-tops, tiling for floors, doorknobs, window restoration, and roof remodeling.

Libra (Sep 23rd– Oct 22nd)- Organize the closets

Libras are considered to be the most fashion-conscious personalities. They always want some attractive closet space to match the wardrobe.

They are best known for their good fashion sense. So, when it comes to renovation, they prefer to maintain the closets first. They add cubbyholes, shelves, and different innovative features to set their dresses in style.  If you are a Libra person, manage the things in a separate space. Create room for multiple storages where you can put shoes, bags, dresses, perfumes and even random stuff.

closetScorpio (Oct 23rd to Nov 21st)- Bathroom renovation

Since Scorpio loves water and related activities, so people born with this sign have some special interest in updating bathrooms.

If you have an older bathroom, you can update the look by adding new and stylish tiles and add different fixtures. Scorpions appreciate hygiene, aesthetics, and decency at the same level. So, maintaining different areas of the bathroom like floors, walls, fixtures, and roofing is the main priority of these people.

bathroom renovationSagittarius (Nov 22nd to Dec 21st) Add a spice rack in your kitchen

Sagittarians love foreign items than the traditional ones, especially in terms of food. That’s the reason, having some dedicated area for cooking ingredients is their main priority.

People with this sign always want to add a lot of shelving in their kitchen. They love hanging racks to store everything such as the vast collections of some incredible spices and new gadgets.

spice rackCapricorn (Dec 22nd to Jan 19th)- Restore some vintage furnishing

You may have found a Capricorn hunting around some traditional furnishing items. They love vintage design ideas and visit markets on the weekend to find some old treasures to enhance the look of their areas in a traditional way.

Capricorns appreciate older things that have glorious impacts in the past. So, they tend to decorate their areas with antique items. If you are a Capricorn, you might add some vintage furnishing to restore the original beauty of your areas.

Vintage-furniture-repurposedDo you have some association between these signs and the above-mentioned projects? If so, tell us in the comments which zodiac sign are you, and what renovations do you prefer?

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