High-Tech Innovations to Make Your Pool Safer

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Smart homes with high tech features get a lot of attention due to the comfortable and enjoyable environment for living. The home improvement technology is growing over time and its impacts upon the swimming pool are also very impressive. The newly introduced smart innovations are bringing a safe swimming experience without any threats. Here are some of the top safety technologies recommended by the pool renovation contractors.

Insta-Link Home App

This app allows you to check and test the chlorine and ph level in the water through your smartphone easily. It comes along with the testing strips which makes the process even simpler. To start testing, just dip the strip into the water and scan it through back-camera. In the end, it will provide you the treating measures.

Wahooo Swim Monitoring System

With the kids in the home, the accidental drowning is one of the biggest threat people are facing everywhere. The adult supervision cannot always be provided to the kids. However, the wahoo swim monitoring system is available in the market whose function is to prevent death due to drowning. It has lightweight sensors that are worn by the swimmers. These sensors ring alarms when a person remains submerged for a long period.

pool renovation contractors

Pool Guard Pool Alarm System

The number of incidents of a person and especially kids falling by accident in the swimming pool are increasing with time. The well-rated guard alarm by pool renovation contractors provides you a facility to set alarm if a heavy object falls in the swimming pool. However, it cannot be turned off once activated which comes to its drawback as homeowners find it annoying to install. The sensor is not activated through raindrops or lighter particles falling in the pool.

Seal Swim Monitor

Wireless applications are a great innovation to save lives by detecting the swimmer is feeling any physical distress or medical problem. Through wearable bands, swimmers are connected with people outside that can be parents or lifeguards. Whenever a person feels any distress in its body, the signals are received to the band of the person it is connected with. It is getting extremely popular among new learners.

SwimFin Swim Aid

The most significant step you can take to ensure the safety of everyone in your home is to make them learn how to swim properly. However, it’s a long process which demands constant practice from the person. Therefore, it is better to bring in swim Fin that helps the new person swim by acting as a floatation device.

For the smooth working of these technologically advanced systems, please hire the best local contractors possible related to the swimming pool. The initial costs spent on these safety systems will benefit you a lot in the end.

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