Guideline to the Storm Windows and its types

storm windows

Did you face problems with your windows in last winters? If so, the best idea is to install storm windows to avoid that situation again. To avoid any issue, proper research and advise must be taken from a window expert regarding the storm windows.

You should look forward to seeing what these windows offer you. Here are some of its features.

What it offers?

These windows are the perfect solution for the better thermal performance. Besides that, these windows operate in buffering environmental hazards from outside. These windows create dead air space between their surface and primary windows. This results in improved thermal performance of the windows in the end. Also, in summer they help in reducing heat by allowing air to pass through them. It adds to the safety of primary windows and the interior portion of the home. The inexpensive nature and the variety of styles it offers to home architecture are other reasons to get homeowners attracted towards it.

storm windows

Exterior Storm Windows

These type of windows are flexible and get installed on the outer surface of the primary windows. Their structure includes three tracks. Two tracks have dual hung window sashes and the third one includes a screen. The installation procedure of external storms is easy and they are long-lasting. They are sealed from all sides except the bottom part which helps water vapors to run through the airspace.

Interior Storm Windows

Because these windows get to install on the interior side of primary windows, they have become a popular choice for people having awning-style windows in their homes. Their surface as compared to the exterior type is sealed in low amount. Therefore, it improves the thermal performance of the windows more than exterior ones.

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