Guide on How to Buy a Central Air Conditioner

central air conditioner

If you are feeling hot inside your home in summer, then relax you are not the only one. It has been found that more more 70% of US citizens have installed an air conditioner at their home. Although conventional AC’s are performing well, but the modern technology based on central air conditioning system is now offering various benefits.

Since it is a new system for many homeowners, so they often mistakes while choosing the type of central AC in their home.

Here, I have discussed a few important attributes to consider before buying a central air conditioner.

 AC Size and Cost

After finalizing a decision of installing a central air conditioner, choose the size of it according to your room area. The size of the AC is available in tons, that is equivalent to 12000 Btu/hr. The more the size of the AC, more energy it will consume and bills will rise up.

Energy Saving Features

Consider all the features that help an air conditioner to save energy. The number of features includes coils with the larger size, speed blower, switch to run the fan only and filter indicator light. All these features have different functions which in the end result in the energy efficient nature of the AC.

central air conditioner

Warranty of Central Air Conditioner 

Air conditioners are available in variable warranty types. Carefully notice what its terms and conditions are. Basically, as all know warranty makes it sure that the specific appliance will work normally for said period. Try to purchase the air conditioner with the longest warranty time given. Also, one more thing to notice is that the warranty provided is for all parts of AC as some companies offer different warranty period for different objects in an air conditioner.

Are you Upgrading the System?

When you are making a decision to renovate your cooling system, then take proper guidance for the professional and skillful contractors in the field. They will properly guide you what size and other repairing or remodeling requirements you must meet to upgrade your system effectively. For instance, these contractors will guide you whether you need renovation on your already installed vents.

Programmable Thermostats

At last, this feature is always an important entity to look for. Every appliance related to HVAC can perform effectively with having a thermostat installed in it. From it, you can adjust your temperature needs according to the conditions available in an effective way.

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