Garage Theft Protection- Secure your Garage with these Tips

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We stress a lot about keeping doors and windows locked and protected. But when it comes to the garage, we often overlook its safety and do not consider it much important place that needs security and protection as well.

Thus, if your garage is attached to your home, your classic vehicles are standing inside there and you keep some valuable things inside, you need to follow these garage remodeling tips to keep the trespassers out.

Choose the right garage door material:

If your garage door is all damaged and about to fall apart, then it’s time to take quick action and get it restored or replaced. Because the damaged door is the most attractive point for the thieves, and they might enter easily without putting many efforts. Garage door installation is a much daunting thing which cannot be even imagined without the help of garage contractors as they have the right knowledge and materials to implement. They can help you make the right choice and tell whether to choose metal or solid wooden garage door. Their recommended materials would offer more protection and consistency.

Bar the windows to prevent break-in:

If the burglars couldn’t enter through the door, they try entering through the windows. Because they are easy to break and damage. And this is often the last thing they would do because of heavy noise. In order to deal with this, you need to make sure you have a proper lock installed over the windows. If you don’t open the windows, screw them shut permanently. But in order to have ultimate window security, you can choose to add strong bars across your windows so the thieves can’t easily get in, even if they try to break the glass.

Motion detector upgrade:

Replacement of the light fixtures that already have a built-in motion detector is the easiest possible way to make the garage more secure from thieves. Burglars might feel reluctant to jimmy open your window or door while working during the bright day. Else, you can also add some standalone motion detector which helps you connect to the existing lights. Moreover, if you are living in the cold climate zone, then it’s not recommended to use some fluorescent bulbs in the light fixture. The might take too much time to light up in the winter, and it would give more time to the thieves to get entered in the garage.

Install a security alarm:

Garage door alarm system work similarly to the window locks. If they can easily sense motion, they might limit the loud noise of the alarm. You can get the garage door alarm system to make your vehicles and valuables safe and sound.

Use the zip tie:

If you have installed a fancy automatic garage door, thieves might break-in easily even in five minutes. How? They can simply use the coat hanger that will help them reach the emergency release handle. But you should not panic in this situation. There are a lot of possible ways to protect a break-in by using simple and cheap methods as a zip tie. When they are connected to the loop in the emergency latch, this zip tie would keep the thieves away from disabling your automatic door and gaining entry to your garage.

Want to make the rest of your home as secure as a garage? Try the following tips and protect your areas from intruders efficiently.

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