Garage Safety- Tips to Protect your Car Before Disaster Strikes

garage safety tips

Everyone knows that disaster and floods bring a lot of hazards and cause debris and toxic pollutants that can impact your health and lifestyle. Not only your lifestyle, but if you have an expensive car and you are not following some important precautions, then it’s time to choose a proper garage safety solution that can simply protect your car from all kinds of damages, and disasters.

How to reduce the risks?

Are your windows properly caulked and glazed? Do your roof and siding sound? Are your gutters free of debris? There are a lot of things that need to be considered to reduce risks.

garage safetyHere I have mentioned some important points of concern to maintain the safety of garages within your scheduled costs:

  • Secure the items with hooks: shovels, hanging tools, towel, and important accessories could be kept in cabinets and need to hang with hooks. If you think your cabinets are not that much reliable you can hang the security tools to the hooks with rubber straps and cords.
  • Cover the car from flying debris: it’s also important to cover the car with flying debris, as it can destroy the car roof and body. If you think it’s not reliable enough and you need to make it more functional, it’s better to approach garage contractors to deal with the issue more efficiently.
  • Support the car on sturdy jacks: If you park your car elevated, make sure you are supporting it on the sturdy jack stands under its suspension. It should always be under tension. Never tend to use cinder blocks or concrete. Make sure you are using the help of knowledgeable garage contractors because they have better technical know-how about different complicated elements.
  • Use safety traps: it’s also recommended to use some heavy objects which include drills, appliances and tool boxes, and secure them with safety straps.
  • Install safety laches: You can prefer installing safety latches such as the childproof ones in drawers and cabinets to prevent them from opening and spilling the inside stuff.
  • Use safety cables: Try to use trendy ceiling lights and different hanging equipment and support them with safety cables.
  • Use long-shanked hooks: In order to adjust car signs, neon signs, and framed pictures, you can use long-shanked, picture wire and open-eyed hooks to tightly fasten them to the walls. Always ensure that your hooks are properly anchored into your walls with the studs. Homeowners also use closed-eye hooks and try to screw them into the back of their frame.
  • Install flexible gas lines: If your garage gets heated, its recommended to install different flexible gas lines as well as automatic gas shutoff valves.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher in your garage: It’s also important to keep a dry-chemical and multi-purpose fire extinguisher in the garage.

Even if disaster doesn’t strike, following these ideas can simply contribute to a perfect garage which would also have less clutter and a user-friendly environment in which your expensive car would be generally safer than before.

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