5 Garage Flooring Options You Should Consider

garage flooring

Homeowners normally overlook the importance of a perfect garage floor. However, if you are looking to build a stylish garage then remodeling its floor according to modern standards is the first thing you should do.

Choosing the best design for your garage floor is a hard job to do as trends are changing very quickly.

Here, we will guide you about some of the most popular garage flooring options.

Nitro Tiles

These tiles are made up of plastic and are hard in nature. They are perfect for the toughest conditions in the garage. Moreover, it is the durability quotient at a low price that makes them a popular choice for homeowners. It is easy to install and maintenance work is very less required. However, these tiles produce a noise which is annoying for some people. They also have less variety in color.

garage flooring

Grid- Loc Tiles

Similar to nitro tiles, they are also made up of plastic and faces hard situations in the garage. However, in contrast, it is available in different colors and patterns to improve the designing and look of your garage. Grid-Loc tiles garage flooring offers a great 12-year warranty with it. Since their structure is of plastic, noise generates while walking over it. The other disadvantage they have is higher costs.

garage flooring

Ribtrax Tiles

For the areas, where rain comes in regular intervals, ribtrax tiles are the best option for the garage flooring. It has different diversities in coloring and style for the aesthetic appearance of your garage interior. The most attractive attribute they have is its 15-year long warranty by the manufactures. Its high costs, unfortunately, turn heads in different directions.

garage flooring

Smooth Flex Tiles

The stunning leather appearance of these PVC build tiles produces an appealing choice for the homeowners. The strength these tiles have is that they have an excellent defensive surface for the chemical used in the garage. Therefore, they have a reliable longevity of up to 25 years but color unavailability is a cause for concern.

garage flooring

Nitro Rolls

The great number of benefits nitro rolls catch a lot of eyes looking to have good-looking garage flooring with durable nature. They are referred to as the best option for the garage floor in any environment and surroundings. Besides the looks, they have low prices with respect to its features. Anyhow, like everything they have some disadvantages too. The most prominent of them is the issue of weak alignment.

garage flooring

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