Features to Consider while Buying a Hot Water Heater

hot water heater

In winters, an excellent and functional hot water heater is not less than a blessing. Since almost one-fifth of the power is consumed by all the heaters, that’s why most of the people prefer buying an updated version to have good results. Sometimes people make many mistakes while choosing the water heater for installation.

Here, we will guide you that what features you should notice while selecting the water heater that fulfills your expectations.

Warranty of hot water heater

The main attraction for buyers in an electric appliance is the long warranty. Although it provides satisfaction to the consumer’s mind, it has one other side too. The long warranted heaters posses large burners that speed ups the process of heating the water. Therefore, it is highly recommended to you buy a water heater with a long warranty.

Anti-Scale Devices

There are features in some of the water heater that reduces the buildup of mineral scale. This is done by swirling the water. However, this scale affects the heating element eventually. The experts suggest to only buy the heater having a thick element with the longest warranty available. No need for these extra features is required.

hot water heater

Advanced Technology

The number of technologies that are used in modern hot water heaters are as follow:

  • Dry-fire protection which is used to protect the upper element of the heater from the fire.
  • Intuitive technology, it enables heater to adjust the temperature of the water automatically according to your need.
  • The newly introduced technology is wifi, through this you can control the system of water heater remotely.
  • The installation of the advanced electronic gas valve, it improves the performance of hot water recovery and temperature.

Type of fuel 

The type of fuel you will use for the heating of water will have a direct effect on the yearly operational expenditures of the heater. Moreover, the efficiency of the hot water heater also depends upon the type of fuel its been made up to use. For instance, gas heaters take more time to produce heated water than that of the electric.

Looking at the facts, the modern day heaters have a variety of features which makes you confused about buying the right one. Therefore, you should choose it according to the advice provided to you by the experts.

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