Factors that Contribute to the costs of Garage Remodel

garage remodel costs

According to a recent survey conducted by Renovaten professionals, there are more than 70% of homeowners who tend to spend $5,773-$16,108 on their garage renovations with the average cost being spent $10,638. 

If you are also planning to remodel your garage on budget and trying to add some simple updates, then you need to consider different elements to perform the job remodel nicely and cost efficiently.

Addition of windows:

If your garage is without any window, you can add some for energy efficiency. This would be also important if you have any plans to make it a room in the future or rent it out. You can consider adding the egress window, which simply means that it would be enough for one person to escape through in case of fire or any dangerous incident.



Plumbing and electricity:

Today most of the garages are already upgraded with the existing electricity for automatic garage door lighting and opening. However, they are not fitted exactly for plumbing. So, in case if you are planning to use your garage as a living space with attached bathroom in the future, or want to use it as an office space, then you might need to have plumbing installed. And, consider adding more wiring and outlets into the area for using different electrical devices. It would also help you in making the space comfortable for electrical work purposes for your vehicle issues.

Heating and cooling:

Addition of HVAC is another reliable option that probably exists in your garage, depending on your climate. But if you have not considered yet, it might be another contributing factor in your garage remodel costs, which can make the area more useful in every season. This is not easy for a simple homeowner, as it also involves costs and hard work. Therefore, considering garage contractors for your help is an ideal option that can help create a comfortable environment in your garage.

Insulation and interior walls:

You might want to add attractive ceiling and interior walls with great insulation level. It would mainly help if you have any plans to make this area your bedroom or living room. This would simply keep the remodeled room as comfortable as the rest of your areas. Since the area is already framed and have walls, so it would be the least expensive option as an addition.

Expanding garage:

If you have got a new car then you might want to expand the garage space. And make some room for tools, accessories and necessary equipment. You can consider dealing with the interior walls’ costs and the overall ceiling space. However, if you want to change the area from the inside only and intend to keep the space same from the outside, then you would only worried about buying storage and different organization tools that include shelves, containers, and racks. These would simply vary in the cost depending on which instruments you need and whether you want cheap or high-quality solutions.

So, in the end, it has just proved that there are several costs factor that involves garage remodeling and make the area worth-inspiring for visitors. While, it’s also true that an upgraded garage might not return the best investment, especially if you are located on the high side.  But the amenities can make the area more brilliant and attractive for buyers and it helps increase the resale value as well.

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