Don’t be afraid of the Dark- Apply Black home improvement ideas

black home

Do you love black?

If yes, you may be conservative, serious and little conventional. Am I right?

If no, then you must be among those who associate black with mystery combined with adventure and enigma. Well, whatever is your personality type, black is always trendy and new favorite color of millennials.

Okay, enough talk about black personality type. It’s time to put this shade uniquely to your home where you have to spend 24 hours with comfort, peace, and relaxation.

Using black for your home is a little intimidating and just like a black dress, looks amazing wherever you put this color for decoration purposes.

Black cabinets- a symbol of style and elegance!

So, you are thinking your kitchen cabinets need a beautiful upgrade, but you don’t have enough cash in a pocket? Well, that’s a problem of most of the homeowners today. However, you should not get worried, because you can update the cabinets by applying a beautiful deep black shade without any professional expertise.

It would look expensive and your hardware will have a shiny appearance. Now it could be brass, satin nickel, or polished nickel. It looks like a very different architectural element, and even included in the list of top home improvement ideas.

black cabinets


Apply black on your accent wall:

If you are a brave personality, a black accent wall may be the right choice for you. When you apply black on the accent wall of your living room, dining room, or bedroom, then it would offer a classier and more unique look to your overall interiors.

Moreover, it also gives a sense of warmth, coziness, and look like a good backdrop for all the statement furniture and artwork to pop. It’s also a less common wall color, so it gives a pure elegance to your room without making it look overwhelming.

black accent wall


Black can work a treat in your hallway:

If you think using black is too odd and bold for high-trafficked areas like the living room or kitchen, then you can consider applying it over the hallway areas. You can use all the black tones and can even combine it with other darker shades to give a more dramatic look.

I have seen different tutorials related to home improvement ideas, in which homeowners tend to paint all the doors and gallery walls with black and keep it look natural just to increase the overall worth of their home. It makes the space more impactful and looks amazing rather than an eyesore. If you want to add an extra flair, then it’s better to paint the ceilings in black as well.

It would look like the ceiling is disappeared, and all the lightings and wall coverings will become the focal point of the house.

black hallways


Black for dramatic ceilings:

If you want a dynamic yet classy ceiling, then don’t limit black into the hallway only. When you cover the ceiling with black, it would help you emphasize multiple amazing architectural features in your room especially the moldings.

It would also make your kitchen fixtures pop and may define best in the open floor plan. Furthermore, if you are thinking more about adding black, you will find it best to hide different drawbacks and even hide dirt or damages.

If you want to apply it for the rooms like basements, then you may find it best for damaged ceiling tiles or exposed ducts.

black ceilings


Black chalkboard paint:

Are you also one of those who is little forgetful about bringing things in a timely manner? Maybe you forget to bring milk for today’s breakfast or sugar is missing in the cabinets? In order to deal with such situations, there must be a proper space in the kitchen that could be covered with artistic black chalkboard paint on which you can write on. This tip was specifically given by the popular home renovations contractors who are determined to bring useful changes to your home design according to latest trends and budget.

This is also a good option for kid’s rooms and living room where you keep the lists to maintain a track of the thing.

black chalkboard


Black accessories look smart!

After reading the whole article till here, you must be thinking that why it is necessary to color everything is black? Wouldn’t it give the dark look to the overall interiors and we may miss the warmth and comfort? Well, if this is what you are exactly thinking, then you can simply add black home improvement ideas to your accessories and make a bolder statement.

For example, you can consider adding black plates and cutlery which add chicness and warmth to your dinner party. You can also add black-framed mirrors which bring style and drama into your room. And I think, nothing could look simpler and as beautiful like black candleholders which can be a pretty eye-catching element on your table. Other than that, you can even add black vases and different decorations that can enhance the elegance of your room.

Using all black maybe disturbing for some people. In order to make it more comfortable, you can pair it up with the white which is often considered as the best friend of the color black.

Moreover, you can also try mixing a graphic black with the white pillow or even choose the striped black-and-white rug. It would help you get the best impacts on the black, while the shades of white will add elegance and softness and will make it easier to digest.

black accessories

When you have a plethora of options to add trendy black shade to your interiors, then why go with dull shades which badly impact your mood and make you more depressive? If you like the ideas, try applying them in the same style as mentioned above, but if you want to alter it little, then you can also get the recommendations from best home improvement contractors so they can guide you well about everything. They can help you learn about trends and styles and which is more acceptable to adapt in the home improvement industry.

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