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Window Replacement Costs

Calculate your window replacement costs and get free estimates to bring a great return on investment to your property!

Renovaten is a platform that offers you a durable, problem-free and reliable window replacement solutions, and offers you an opportunity to calculate the overall costs of the project.

With the help of our window replacement costs calculator, you can get accurate assessments depending on replacement type, size, and condition.

How does it work?

To estimate costs for your window replacement project:

  • Specify your project size and enter the number of items to replace
  • Enter your zip code and see local costs
  • You will find overall project costs and saving potentials

Costs to install replacement windows:

If you choose to replace the single double hung window, the average costs will be around $300 to $750 per replacement window (including labor costs). Within this price range, you will be able to get an exactly new window into an existing window frame which will be more attractive in style and shape. Calculate local prices with the help of our window replacement cost calculator.

Window replacement in a standard 3-bedroom home with 10 windows has average costs of $2,500 to $7,500.

With the help of above costs calculator, you can determine the local prices of window replacement and get free estimates with the help of window contractors in your state or city.

Window replacement costs factors:

The total costs of your window replacements will depend on these essential factors:

  • Types and number of windows you need
  • Style and material of window frame
  • Insulation type
  • Window replacement costs
  • Labor costs
  • The standard price of window replacement according to your city or state

Popular window types and their average costs:

Do you know if your home has a standard rough opening window size, then you can possibly add the costs of replacing a standard size window with the help of your window contractor?

Our local window contractors’ offer you several options for replacement window types, and you can easily get the costs of your windows before even ordering them.

Check out the list of some common window types and their average costs:

  • Single hung window replacement costs= $170-$360
  • Double hung window replacement costs= $300-850
  • Bay window replacement costs= $1150-$3550
  • Casement window replacement costs= $270-$750
  • Garden window replacement costs= $1000-$4000
  • Sliding window replacement costs= $320-$1300
  • Storm window replacement costs= $200-$460

Talk to our window contractors:

First, you only need to measure the rough openings of windows around the home. After measurements, you can talk to our local window contractor to find how much the overall costs will be.

Cost estimates will include:

  • Costs for equipment and materials
  • Costs to prepare your home for window replacements including costs to protect finishes, materials, existing structure and components.
  • Labor costs, mobilization time and reduced hourly charges which are mainly included for low-level replacement jobs.

Costs estimates will not include:

  • Removing, renovation, or modifying existing window framing costs. Also includes surfacing, plumbing, and electrical plumbing systems.
  • Remediation and testing costs of harmful materials like asbestos or lead etc.
  • General window contractor usually overhead and markup for supervising the window replacements. They also add 15% to 25% to the overall cost if the contractor would supervise this project.
  • Tax on window materials and supplies.

Purchase best replacement windows by comparing costs:

Before deciding, our professional contractors can help you make the right decision so you can leverage the replacement costs and choose a better window. With the help of our cost calculator, you can also compare the prices with other services.

Consider the guidelines before buying replacement windows for your home:

Get your double-pane window with a low U-factor when:

  • You have no plans to live in the home for a long time.
  • You have less costly gas or heat inside and you are living in colder climates.
  • You are expecting energy prices will get double in the upcoming months.
  • You expect to earn more money in the next 2-3 years.

Get your triple-pane window with a low U-factor when:

  • You have plans to live in the home for a long time.
  • You have very expensive heat or electricity system.
  • You are expecting energy prices to be raised by more than your budget.
  • You are expecting to have less income in the next 1-2 years.

Costs and savings on window replacements:

Working with the certified window contractor can help you save additional costs and you might save more than you expected. Our window contractors have established strong relationships with other window manufacturers in your state.

We also offer discounts on new replacement windows, and you won’t need to spend big bucks for later installation and maintenance.

We also complete your project in phases:

If you want to replace more than one window, our professionals will tackle the job in different phases. We do not only split up your project but also spread the costs over time, it simply minimizes major disruption when it’s time for installation.

Offering complete window durability:

After costs calculation, our general window contractors promise to deliver highly durable windows, which are least vulnerable to warps and leaks.

You can also inspect the window before buying. Our professionals will guide you in every phase and provide cost-effective solutions.

When windows replaced properly by the professional contractor, you can easily recoup a significant portion of your replacement project costs in added home value. All the new windows can simply return you more than 82% of your project cost upon resale.

Experience incredible energy saving costs:

In an average home, 56 percent of the heat loss is mainly through windows. If you have drafty single-pane windows or single-pane aluminum sliders, then the average heat loss from windows would be probably 60%. The poorer the performance of the traditional windows, the more incredible the savings and sooner energy savings will cover the overall window replacement costs.

With our window replacement cost calculator, you can avail high-quality window replacement solutions, through which you can also yield substantial energy savings.

Let our professionals guide you with a free estimate for your window replacement project.

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